Time For a Change

I’m bored with my website.  That shouldn’t come at a surprise either.  In fact, I’ve been planning/designing one for months, updating it along side my current one. 

Now I’m not an expert when it comes to website design.  I know enough to get by.  😉  In fact, it’s rather fun doing my own website when I’m not looking for frills.  I just want something simple that will convey what I write.  Period.  No music, scrolling marques or anything flashy. 

…until I stumbled upon a flash website that allows you to create your own flash website using drop and drag.  I’ve played around with it a few times and it seems rather simple to use.  Not to mention, the flash looks really cool.  However, I don’t relish the idea of uploading new pics and copying and pasting content onto the pages, and laying the thing out in a manner that’s appealing to readers.  I’ve already done that with the current design and I don’t want to do it again.  Not to mention, it takes time I don’t have.

But, man if www.Wix.com isn’t a cool website design place.  🙂  Still, I had promised myself if I had sold another book, then I’d get a professional to do my website.  Given the choice, I’d go with a WordPress website in a heartbeat.  But for now, I’ll have to rely on my own skills when it comes to website design.  And before you ask, no.  I haven’t sold another book…yet.  😉

So without further ado…here it is.  The new www.marciacolette.com.  Enjoy!  Oh, and don’t send me any emails yet.  That stupid form has been a butt sore to work with and I still haven’t worked out the kinks.  *sigh*


15 thoughts on “Time For a Change

  1. Love the new site – the design that goes down the side on all the pages gives a sophisticated edge and a flow to it all! One thing check out Appearances at Magnolias singing instead of signing. What can I say it’s 3 a.m. and I’m up checking out your new website not only that I’m proofing LOL!

  2. I like your new website! Very nice. It looks professional already:) I do have a bit a bad news. I’ll be heading to Virginia instead of ConCarolinas. My brother is still recuperating from his accident and driving my Mom crazy so, it’s nurse/sister/daughter to the rescue:) Maybe next year.

    • *sniffle* I’m not speaking to you anymore.

      Okay, that’s as big of a lie as lies can get. 😆 You know I love you, girlfriend. I completely understand giving your mom a break. Trust me, I do. There will always be time for us to get together, even off the convention/conference circuit. *hugs*

    • Kate!! Hey girl! 😀

      You know I’m going to hit up your website now, right? Let me know if you need any inspiration. I really like creating websites, though it eats a lot of my time. But if I ever lose my job, then I’m going into the “simple”/interim website creation business.

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