Alanis Morissette


I caught an episode of A&E’s Private Sessions with Alanis Morissette, and boy, was it amazing.  Alanis is one of my all-time FAVORITE singers and will remain so whether she puts out an album or not.  She reminded me why, too.

During her interview, she said something the really struck me.  I’m paraphrasing this because I was in the kitchen at the time frying bacon and toasting waffles and nowhere near a piece of paper to write it down.  Anyway, she said something like she isolated herself from what people had to say about her, both good and bad, by going into her studio to work.  Why?  Because when you start to listen to what others are saying, in a sense, they censor what you have to say.   In other words, it can become a feeding frenzy for your inner critic.

A glutton of information exists out there and everyone has an opinion about everything.  Some people like what you write while others don’t.  Then, we sometimes fall in the trap of carving out our stories to meet their needs and wants, including those of the market.  After both consciously and unconsciously doing this very thing, I’ve taken drastic measures over the past year to protect my creativity by “going into my studio to work.” 

I think author Allen Wold said it best when he said, “Never change your work to suit anyone else’s needs unless they’re handing you pay check.”  That’s where musician and writers differ a tad.  Eventually, we have to fix our work so that it will sell.  But unless it’s under guidance of someone you really trust, you should only change what you feel comfortable with. 

As authors, we tend to listen to everything related to the market because we think somewhere in that mishmash is the key to getting published.  That could be the case, but I refuse to take a Holy Grail approach toward it.  If I did, then I’m sure to censor myself without realizing it and that won’t work.  😉

So who’s your Alanis Morissette?  What person outside of writing (or what you love) strikes a cord with your writing dreams and why?



I’m beginning to understand why people have playlists on their websites.  Since I’ve been writing TSIH, I’ve been listening to all sorts of music to pull out the drama and emotion that I need for a certain scenes.  So far, this is what I have:

Why – Annie Lennox

Silent Years – Tori Amos

True Colors – Cyndi Lauper

In the End – Linkin Park

Runaway Love – Ludacris (featuring Mary J. Blige)

Bring Me to Life – Evanescence

More Than A Woman – Aaliyah

Higher – Creed

Hand in My Pocket – Alanis Morissette

Ironic – Alanis Morissette

We Don’t Need Another Hero – Tina Turner

What’s Love Got to Do With It – Tina Turner

My Own Prison – Creed

Winter – Tori Amos

Crucify – Tori Amos

A Prayer for the Dying – Seal

Complicated – Avril Lavigne

I’m With You – Avril Lavigne

This is my heroine’s anthem. The Lost Boys fans will recognize it. 😉

I’m sure I’m missing an artist or two, but I’m not sweating it.  I like what I’ve got so far, even though it might seem a littel ecclectic.  As for what this says about TSIH, I don’t have a clue.  That’s why I don’t have a degree in psychology.  I doubt I would’ve made it to end without inspiration from these guys.  A huge thanks to each of you. 

So who strikes a cord with you when you’re writing?  Got any playlists to share?