The Spider Inside Her is DONE!

Woot!¬† ūüėĬ† I should’ve finished The Spider Inside Her¬†last night, but I had to change the villan’s reveal in the last chapter.¬† Deadlier by the Dozen¬†(the second book in the series) would’ve solidified a theme for my¬†villans, and I want to keep readers guessing while seasoning the mystery.¬† The hardest part was coming up with a motive and making sure all ends were tied up.¬† I had one before, but I have this horrible feeling that there’s something I forgot, but¬† for the life of me I can’t figure it out.¬†¬† So, I’m calling it quits and leaving it up to another eye to pick my story apart.¬† Mine are¬†all dried out with TSIH.

The next step is to see what my¬†editor from Hazard Editing¬†finds.¬† I’m still hoping to release TSIH by May 15th, but we’ll see.¬† I definitely want it available before I go to ConCarolinas¬†the first weekend in June.¬† If all goes well, I might have print copies of TSIH, too.¬† But that might be pushing it, so that’s a wait-and-see thing.¬† Right now, I just want to get this book edited and out, so I can start working on Deadlier by the Dozen.



I didn’t put an Acknowledgement page in Bittersweet because…well…I didn’t want to.¬† I’ve always put Acknowledgements in my books, but I wanted to do something¬†different,¬†more intimate¬†by using a Dedication page.¬† Not only that, but I had a long overdue Dedication to make and given the nature of Bittersweet, the timing¬†was perfect.¬†

But, that doesn’t mean I can’t let it go without mentioning a few names, so¬† here it goes.

First, a huge thank you to my beta readers, Edie Ramer¬†and Stacey Curtis.¬† Bittersweet wouldn’t be anywhere had it not been for you guys calling me to the plate.¬† Also, I’d be remiss if I didn’t mention my fabu cover artist Jax Cassidy.¬† This girl rocks!¬† Also, Lisa Hazard of Hazard Editing, thank you for doing a fantastic job with keeping my grammar on track and giving me the ah-ha moments during my critique.¬†¬†Like Jax, you have a client for life as long as you’re willing to have me.¬†¬† ūüôā¬† Also, a big thank you to my fans.¬† This book is for you more than anyone else.¬† For that, I thank all of the indie/self-published authors who came before me and convinced me that this might be one of the best decisions I’ve ever made with regards to my writing career.¬† To some of my favorite teens and pre-teens Allie, Syd, Colby, Jorden, Sara, Jackie, Paige, and¬†anyone else who I might have forgotten to mention, I love you guys.¬†

So, there you have it. And if you missed it, check me out my video interview¬†with the amazing Kalayna Price.¬† ūüėČ

What do you guys think about Acknowledgements?  Do you read them or skim over?

Taking the Plunge

Remember this blog¬†regarding¬†my take on Smashwords?¬† Well, it’s official.¬† I’m in.¬† I’m going¬†to self-publish¬†BITTERSWEET, my¬†paranormal YA.¬†

This¬†book received a bunch of requests for partials and fulls, but it was still a no even after¬†I made revisions.¬† ¬† Don’t get me wrong.¬† I received¬†rejections that made me believe agents really read the book and cared enough to give me personal attention.¬† That’s huge!¬† Those are the kind of rejections I love.¬† But in the end, it was a no-go.¬† For the longest time, I thought–and continue to think–that I might have something here.

So rather than put BITTERSWEET under my electronic bed and forget about it,¬†I’m going to put it out there on my own and see what happens.¬† Everyone I’ve contacted and have¬†gone this route before me have been extremely helpful with giving me hints and pointers to make this happen.¬† Ideally, I’d like to release ebook and print at the same time, but I’m¬†not sure if that makes financial sense.¬† Right now, I’m shooting for a March 2011 release, but, we’ll see.¬† I still have some editing to do and I need to hit up some more beta readers.¬† Whatever they find means there will be at least another round to do, and¬†I am so game.¬† ūüôā

I’ve also been in touch with cover artists for pricing and my next stop is to either do the Smashwords¬†ebook¬†formatting myself or hand that off to someone else.¬† I’d rather do it myself, since I want to do it¬† for future books.¬† However, I also want it done right.¬† I’ll have to dive into Smashwords’ Style Guide again and see if this is an undertaking I have time to do.¬† Then, there’s the print layout to design, which I hear is a pain.¬† So much to do and so little time.¬† Wait a sec, I’m on Marcia Time with this.¬† How cool is that?¬† It doesn’t mean I’ll take my time, but it’s nice to have the pressure off. ūüėČ

Oh, and¬†book two in my Bittersweet series will be called¬†SILENT SCREAM.¬† I’m still in the plotting phase with this book, so it’ll be a while before this one gets out there.¬†

Man, am I excited about this new venture!¬† ūüôā

Hitting the Nail

I was going to take a break from the blogsphere so I could¬†concentrate on¬†my newest WIP, but this came up and I wanted to share.¬† ūüôā

The time has come.¬† I’m talking about edits.¬† Samhain handles their edits in a way that’s new and different to me, and I like it.¬† But do you want to know what REALLY made me smile?¬† My fabulous editor called STRIPPED a “gritty urban fantasy”.¬†

It’s GRITTY!¬† Yayyyyyyyyyyyy!¬†

Do you have any idea how I’ve longed to hear that word?¬† Do you know how good it feels to have someone get you like that?¬† Whether it’s a crit partner, an editor, or a beta reader, nothing feels better than¬†when they¬†hit it on the head.¬†

Gritty pretty much¬†describes my writing these days.¬† There are very few topics I’ll shy away from and don’t think I should.¬† Then again, I’ve seen so many horror movies that I’m pretty much desensitized by now.¬† I have no problem with putting my characters through hell and dragging them through the brimstone on their bare backs.¬† Let’s face it.¬† If I were in their shoes, I’m pretty sure the worse would happen to me.¬† I guess that’s why I like “glad I survived” endings.¬† Gotta balance out all of the doom and gloom somehow.

But getting back to the topic.¬† My editor gets me and I am so cool with that.¬† Fingers crossed that my cover artist does, too.¬† ūüėČ

Whether it’s an editor, a crit partner, or a beta reader, who “gets” you?