Happy Release Day for STRICKEN!!

stricken_originalIt’s here! It’s finally here! Be sure to purchase a copy today at Purple Sword Publications. I can’t begin to tell you how excited I am about this release. Alexa York is back and she’s taking no prisoners. Not only that, but there’s a whole new cast of characters that have opened up some serious possibilities in this unique world. But, that’s all I’m going to say about that. For now. 😉

In the mean time, be sure to check back because I have some promo stuff coming up and that involve prizes.

Happy reading!!


Personal tragedy convinces half-werewolf Alexa York to get away to the town of McCormick, Pennsylvania where she’s charged with protecting Dr. Aiden Joss, physician to the supernatural community. Not only does she need the money, she needs the distraction. Unfortunately, she gets it in spades when Joss’s personal issues and a myriad of dangerously sick patients make her new job nearly impossible.

A mysterious disease is running its way through the New York Order of the Amazons and leaving bodies in its wake. The same warrior who had chosen her clan over Joss has asked for him help. Even though the disease is real, Alexa has reason to believe his ex’s sincerity is not.

Given the other numerous problems she has to deal with that are outside of her job description, Dr. Joss might be the biggest threat to his own safety. But, protecting him comes first. That’s difficult to do when his efforts to find an antidote put everyone in his remote clinic in danger, including Alexa.

It’s a bodyguard job like no other.


Happy Release Day for The Light at the End of Judgment and Day!

It’s finally here and I’m thrilled beyond all get out. The Light at the End of Judgement and Day has been released. Woohoooooooo! Make sure you purchase your copy today in my new Urban Fantasy series from Mocha Memoir PressTheLightAtTheEnd2_72dpiBlurb

Violinist and angel, Yvette Mills has spent almost 200 years living among humans while rounding up ghosts to send into Judgment. Back on the mend from her last confrontation with a malevolent entity, she’s ready to reenter the classical-music scene. One problem. She’s not facing one ghost. She’s facing hundreds with a few demonic entities sprinkled in.

Dozens of tenants have left the Folsom Building in downtown Charlotte because of the strange goings on. When Yvette’s agent goes for the bargain-basement rental prices and now has an office there, her mission is clear. Rid the building of the paranormal vermin to keep him and the few tenants left, safe. It won’t be easy when a psychic, who’s leading a team of paranormal investigators, discovers she can see ghosts, too.

With a job this big, Yvette will need all the help she can get. But if they discover her angelic identify, hell will become her new home.

More Details About the Upcoming Tour of THE PORTAL GUARDS

NBTM Review The Portal Guards Tour Banner copyJust a quick reminder that my tour for The Portal Guards starts this Thursday. Be sure to check out the places where I’ll be, and if you commit, your name will be entered in a prize drawing at the very end. I’ll be stopping by, too, as much as I can. Don’t be surprised though if you don’t hear from me until later in the afternoon. It’s the day job’s fault. Honest.

Here are the tour dates and where The Portal Guards will be…

October 30: Kinky Vanilla Romance
November 6: Romance Novel Giveaways
November 13: Straight from the Library
November 20: Hope. Dreams. Life… Love

NEW RELEASE – Native Heart by RaeLynn Blue

Check out this fabulous Valentine’s Day release from RaeLynn Blue. I strongly suggest you get a copy because it’s sizzling! 🙂


Title: Native Hearts

Author: RaeLynn Blue

Genre: Erotic Romance Contemporary Romance

Subgenre: Interracial

Series: Native Hearts Series

Publisher: Mocha Memoirs Press, LLC

Promotional Valentine Price: $0.99 (ends 2/28)

Buy Links:

Mocha Memoirs Press, LLC: http://mochamemoirspress.com/native-hearts

All Romance Ebooks: https://www.allromanceebooks.com/product-nativehearts-1416555-149.html

Amazon: http://www.amazon.com/Native-Hearts-RaeLynn-Blue-ebook/dp/B00IAUKEIU


Blurb: Lee Stone didn’t want a heart-shaped box of boring chocolates for Valentine’s Day. She didn’t want a trip to Vegas. She’d been there and done that. What she longed for was one Valentine’s Day that didn’t invite tragedy and chaos. The last three years with her boyfriend, Tank Begaye, had been host to a blizzard, a fire, and a heart attack. For once, she wanted to spend the day nestled in her lover’s arms.

Tank Begaye had weathered the long-distance relationship with Lee for years. Now, he meant to make her a permanent fixture in his life—as his wife. Avoiding the cliché Valentine Day’s proposals at restaurants and public landmarks, Tank knew exactly where to go—his family’s Hogan, deep in the heart of the Navajo Reservation. Surrounded by his ancestors’ spirits, he would ask Lee to join their family’s circle.


© RaeLynn Blue 2014


Scarlet streaks flushed to pink and vibrant orange as the day bled from dawn to dusk. The colors painted the horizon along the burnt dust of the northern edge of the Navajo Nation’s reservation land. At over a mile high, this section of the high desert stretched out in all directions, racing toward its postcard edges. Picturesque, perfect, and patient, the land had witnessed death, destruction, and desperation. So why the H.E. double hockey sticks did Tank have her out here? The bright sunlight, crisp air, and fluffy white clouds belied the near twenty-three degree temperature. February became cold around these parts. The season didn’t care at all that today was Valentine’s Day.

Lee Stone frowned as the bite of another cold blast tore across the mesas and threatened to tear through her coat. Shuddering inside her parka, she could not fathom another Valentine’s Day mired in tragedy or random acts of chaos. Slivers of icy wind streaked through her ebony parka and her sweater, directly to her very bones. With her fingers growing numb inside her leather gloves, she yanked her hat farther down over her ears, and not for the first time, cursed the Valentine’s Day gods. It appeared that for the fourth year in a row, her sweetheart day would end in utter disaster. She looked around.

What could possibly be out here?

Biting her lip, she cast a glance at Tank Begaye. One eyeful of him never satisfied her. It never quenched her constant craving for him. His cowboy hat was tugged low over his eyes, and his arrow-straight black hair tied in a ponytail that hugged the nape of his neck. After four years, most couples’ fires had cooled to a comfortable temperature. Not theirs. Her desire burned blue-hot for him, just like the first day they met. Feeling the familiar tug of hunger skirt across her clit, she squeezed her thighs together before taking the next step forward. Her gaze moved downward from his neck to his leather-clad back, wide and delicious.

Whatever plans he had, she knew that the calloused hand of Fate would knock them off, scattering them into oblivion and the Navajo desert. They crested a ridge that looked out over the valley below. Speckled with Western-style houses, Hogans, and mobile homes, the sheep and yuccas outnumbered the living structures.

“Tank…” She detested the whine threading through her voice, but the suspense threatened to overtake her.
He gazed out toward the valley below and hummed. “It’s beautiful here.”

When she sighed, a stream of condensed air flew from her lips. They’d met at a freak party in Las Vegas and she’d lassoed his heart. He lived in Colorado and she resided in New Mexico. Each year they planned to meet on Valentine’s Day, and each year Fate fucked it up. The first year a blizzard tore through the Southwest and dumped a foot and a half of snow on the Four Corner region. The second year, a fire exploded in Tank’s ranch-style home the day before he’d planned to leave. Last year beat the mother of all tragedies. Tank’s ancient grandmother died two days before V-day. He was devastated. Maybe that was why he had them out here on the rez.

Road weary and exhausted from hiking through the high hills and low valleys of the reservation, Lee put her freezing hands into her pockets and fondled the thin, gift-wrapped box. She’d bought Tank a necklace, one with turquoise and silver crafted by a Zuni silversmith. As a Navajo, Tank had access to Native American crafts, but she’d had this piece crafted just for him. One of her students in Gallup was Zuni and her father a silversmith. Despite the cold outside burning her nose and making her ears sting, the gift warmed her.

“Where are we going?” she asked, calling above the sharp whistle of the wind.

He turned to her in that slow, seductive manner of his. “It’s a surprise.”

She bit back the retort she had in her throat. His sable-brown eyes peered out from beneath the shadow of his cowboy hat. Heat washed over her as if he’d touched her. Feeling better, Lee smiled and found her hope reassured. He did that all the time, sometimes with his voice over the cell phone, and other times with his eyes via Skype. The long distance between them had made maintaining their love a challenge, but when they were together, like this, it was all worth it—every mile, every minute, and every bit of money to keep and nurture what they had. She huddled deeper into her coat. Still, this hiking thing was not how she’d intended to spend her Valentine’s Day.

“This had better be good,” she mumbled.

He nodded and took her hand into his big one. His much larger hand engulfed hers.

“How much farther?”

“Just down this side path.” He inclined his head to the west.

Through the sparse grouping of trees, she saw the small, single-story structure. The door faced east, and puffs of fluffy smoke huffed out of a black circular chimney. Tank stepped in front of her, and led her down the narrow pathway that wound through the desert’s untamed brush. Lee had taught in New Mexico for the last fifteen years, so she recognized the Navajo Hogan when she saw it. A five-sided structure sat alone on the flattest section of the land. Packed adobe covered some of the walls, but harsh New Mexico winters had worn some of it down. The gusty winds whipped it down over the decades.

Lee had no idea what to expect and her feet failed to move. Tank must have felt her hand fall away, and he turned to her, concern on his face.

“What’s going on?” She couldn’t shake her rearing. There were places black folks just didn’t go. Besides, sacred places like Hogans and cemeteries were not normal destinations for Valentine’s Day.

Tank sighed. “It’s Valentine’s Day…”

“Not a sacred Navajo day…” she interjected.

He grinned at that. “No, no it isn’t.”


“So follow me and I’ll give you a surprise.”

End Excerpt

Happy Release Day – IF I SHOULD DIE

cover art - MEDIt’s finally out!  If I Should Die is available on Amazon!  So, get your copy now. 🙂

Normally, I’d add the blurb again, but you can read about it in the previous blog.  It just seems redundant to list it here again.  However, I had to make sure I note that it’s only available on Amazon right now through their Select program.  That means Amazon has it for the first 90-days and then it’ll be available in other places like Kobo, Smashwords, and Barnes and Noble on June 25th.  This is more so of an experiment because I want to see if what they say about the Amazon Select program is true.  That’s what this business is about.  Experimentation.  Whether or not I’ll do this with other books remains to be seen.

So, being a part of the program also means I can offer this book up for free for a day or two.  So, at some point, it’ll be available free for anyone who wants to try it out.  When that’ll happen, I don’t know because I haven’t looked at the calendar yet to figure out when is a good time.

If I Should Die is a novel short, meaning it’s only 18,000 words.  I have two more stories that will be around that same length that I hope will get bought up by a publisher.  If not, then I’ll publish those through Dusk Till Dawn Books.  One way or another, you’ll get a chance to read them.

Deadlier by the Dozen is Available!

Deadlier by the Dozen is available at both Smashwords and Barnes & Noble!  I’m thrilled beyond all belief.  In fact, I was a little shocked that after being up less than an hour, three people had already purchased a copy.  At Smashwords, no less.  My sales at Smashwords are a lot like everyone else’s.  Abysmal.  Nonetheless, I’m not complaining.  I love every sale that I make, regardless of where it comes from.  🙂  So to those of you who had gotten there before I could make the announcement official, THANK YOU!!

Notice I didn’t say anything about Amazon.  There’s a reason for that.  It takes a while for a book to get up there.  Even worse, I realized after I had pushed the Publish button that I had uploaded the wrong copy of Dx12.  Not that it won’t work, but the Amazon folks won’t like it–and I don’t blame them–if there’s a mention of Smashwords anywhere on the copyright page.  There are three.  😦  So, once they’re done rejecting it, I’ll upload the right version, and it’s another waiting game again at that point.  So for any Kindle users out there, I’m sincerely sorry about that kerfuffle.  Dx12 is coming.  I swear it.

So when does print version come?  I started designing the cover flat today and my interior file has already been already converted into a .pdf format.  So if all goes well, I’ll be able to upload my files to CreateSpace for review some time this week.  That doesn’t mean the print version will be ready by weekend.  I’ll be extremely lucky if I even get the proof by then.  So, plan for the end of the month for the print version.  I’ll keep you guys posted.

And for some other cool news…how do you like my new website?  😀  Some new things I’ve added: Facebook and Twitter links and an FAQ section.  I’ve taken off my Links page because I pretty much have all of the links I visit and love on my blog, so no need to have them in two places. Also, I’ve taken off my Multi-verse page because I think the FAQ is more fun and goes into better details.  These are legit questions that I’ve been fielding for a while now, so I’ve decided to consolidate them.  Another cool feature is if you click on the book covers or the excerpt links on my Bookshelf page, you’ll not only get an excerpt, but you’ll get some stats to go along with the book.  How many times have you’ve forgotten a character and end up tearing apart your brain to remember their name?  I know I certainly do, even with my own characters.  I’m thinking of expanding on the stats, so if you guys have any ideas, let me know.

Hope you’ve had as great a weekend as I have!

Happy Release Day for THE SPIDER INSIDE HER

***UPDATE***  It’s finally available on Amazon.  Woohoooooooo!  😀

So where are things right now?  It looks like Barnes and Noble has Amazon beat when it comes to file conversions.  🙂  Hopefully, Amazon will make it happen some time today.  When I loaded it up to Smashwords, I was #7 in the queue.  OMG. Either the new and improved Meat Grinder is really that awesome or I caught Smashwords at a slow time.  I’m better it’s not the latter.  Just to give you some idea, when I first loaded Bittersweet up, it was something like #1043 in the queue. Five minutes later, The Spider Inside Her is available on Smashwords.

Print will take a little more time because I still have to finish off a few touches to the inside of the book.  By the way, that image on the right is the cover flat.  Fingers crossed CreateSpace doesn’t have any issues with it or that’ll mean a delay in the print version.  Last time it took two proofs before I finally got it right and it takes about a week for the proof to arrive at my doorstep.  So I’m shooting for no later than July 10th.

Speaking of steps, I’m off to working on Deadlier by the Dozen, book #2.  My gut is telling me to hold off on sending this to my editor only because I feel like I need to give it one more read in addition to the so-called final edits that I’m doing now.  I think I’m going to go with my gut to be on the safe side.  Hopefully, it won’t set me back on my end of July date, but we’ll see.  I’m still hopeful until something or someone proves otherwise.  😀