The crew over at Magical Musings has held a special place in my heart for years. Edie Ramer was the first person I met from the group via internet, then LaDonna Paulette, Liz Kreger, and Michelle Diener. The faces of the MM folks have changed. They’ve added more to the mix and increased the merriment exponentially.

So imagine how broken I was inside when I found out Liz had finally succumbed to that rat bastard called cancer.

Thankfully, her fierce writing spirit will live on with When Darkness Falls. If you want to know how this story came about via this incredible “Band of Sisters”, check it out here. That alone was enough to convince me to get a copy. Speaking of which, it’s available on Amazon.


Ins and Outs

Ins.  I’m officially PAN now.  Basically, that means I’m a member of RWA’s Published Authors Network.  Strangely enough, I had considered myself published since the day I sold my first book.  I find it even more fascinating that people used to say that I wasn’t “really” published because it wasn’t by RWA’s standards.  I’ve learned a few things since then with the most important being, only YOU are allowed to define your career.  Not an organization.  Whether you’re a garbage collector or a neurosurgeon, if you’re happy with your job, then you’re successful.  At least, that’s how I’ve always seen it. 

So why did I bother?  Well, that’s just it.  I should’ve sent my application in a long time ago, but life and pregnancy had gotten in the way.  Plus, every time I thought about it, something more important always came up.  I decided just before Nationals in Orlando to send my application in before the RWA Board decided to change the rules again and have the loops in an uproar.  After all, as Beth Williamson put it, I paid for it, so I might as well take every advantage of it.   She’s a smart chick and a great PAN Liason.  🙂

Ins.  Have you seen the Magical Musing blog?  Go there.  Now.  I’ll wait.  Have you gone yet?  Did you notice the new faces?  SWEET!!  I had no clue until I noticed the changes earlier this week.  I sent an email to Edie because I was nosy like that and she told me about the blow our party happening today.  Prizes, cyber champagne, and confetti to go around.

Outs.  Have you guys heard the news about Barnes and Noble being up for sale?  Man, I feel like buying it…assuming I had that much money hanging in my closet.  This news had brought about some serious thought for me.  For instance, it’s a well-known fact that NY pubs pay for prime placing in book stores.  B&N is one of the biggest brick and mortar stores out there.  If they go away, where will they pay for spacing next?  Borders?  But aren’t they on a thin line, too? 

I don’t think print books are going anywhere, even if there isn’t much of a brick and mortar store left to place them.  There will always be Amazon and other independent bookstores that will make sure of that.

Although, I wouldn’t be surprised if both big brick and mortars fizzle at some point, not that I want to see that happen.  But if something were to happen to me like it did with Kalayna Price, I might wish hellfire and brimstone on them.  She’s a much better person than I am.  😉

So what’s been going on with you?  What are you reading?  What are you writing?  Nosy people like me want to know.

Guest Blogging at Magical Musings Today!

I really suck when it comes to being a guest on a blog.  Usually, I like to check back and reply to commentors, but I’ve been completely oblivious lately.  As if you can’t tell based on my own.  I’m so sorry guys.  Trust me, in that I’ve read each of your beautiful, supportive comments, even if you think I haven’t. 

Just chalk up my neglect to searching for a plumber who’s not a crook and will fix the leak in my first floor ceiling, multi-tasking on the day job, and trying to make sure all of my promo was in place for STRIPPED‘s release.  Of course, I had screwed that up, too, because I had forgotten to post an excerpt on the Samhain Cafe loop.  To make matters worse, my book was released on my grandmother’s birthday.  Guess what I forgot to do?  You guessed it.  I had to give grandma a call yesterday and apologize for not getting to her sooner.  Thank goodness she took it all in stride, but it would’ve been nice to remember her on her 77th birthday.  *sigh* 

Anyway, I’m blogging with the lovely ladies at Magical Musings today!  Stop by for the chance to win a free copy of STRIPPED.  This might be a second chance to win, assuming you posted over at Shapeshifter Romance, too.  😉