ARCs Have Arrived!

Santa Samhain brought me an early gift.  Pretty shiny, huh?  😀

My first thought when I saw the box on my doorstep was, “Who the heck is leaving their junk on doorstep?”  I wasn’t in any hurry to open it because I thought it would be something I’d have to go out of my way to do a Return To Sender.  After packing away the groceries and opening up the junk mail, I decided to open the box. 

Low and behold my author copies!  Woohoooooooooo!   

My mom keeps looking at the cover and wondering why the heroine has such a hard-looking face.  I had to explain to her what urban fantasy was without using the words “kick” and “ass”.  She’d just think I was cursing for no reason anyway, which isn’t very attractive.  Go figure.  She’s an old-school chick.  😆   I guess it’s a good thing she doesn’t read my books.

Anyway, it dawned on me that Stripped is being released in print on June 1st.  That’s less than two weeks away.  It also happens to be the start of my first day on my new job.  Oh, and did I mention I’m going to be guest blogging here and there?  I never thought this day would’ve rolled up so fast.  Oh happy dayyyyy.  Oh happy dayyyyy.

Now if only I can sell another book and have that “lovin'” feeling all over again.  🙂


19 thoughts on “ARCs Have Arrived!

  1. WoooHooo! I’m so excited for you Marcia. And yes, I would gladly take an ARC off your hands. Oh, you didn’t ask? Wow, my imagination must be running wild again 😉

      • You are such a darling, but I’m buying this one and don’t try to take the pleasure away from me! I already made plans to go to the Barnes & Noble in the city and freak out every sales person and book buyer alike by telling them “See this book? My friend wrote and is awesome! You should buy it too. Oh, and after you read it, you should stop by Pagan Culture after Jun 1st (at this moment I’ll write the link on any exposed skin I see) and read this new segment, which was inspired by one of her characters.”

        So don’t even try woman. I have put way too much thought into this and have a bright new outfit to wear on the day of! HOWEVER, if you want to provide a copy for one of Pagan Culture’s Wicked Darlings, then that’s different. I’m all for it 😉 It would go great with the witchy post about, um, certain characters (or maybe I should characters?) who will be making an appearance on Pagan Culture on June 1st.

        • Provide a copy? Are you kidding me? I’d LOVE to provide a copy for someone at Pagan Culture. Woohoooooooooooo! Just tell me who, when, and where I need to send it. 😀 Praises to that witchy character who shall remain nameless…and fingers cross her huge family gets their act together before the big baddy eats them all alive.

          And I’d never deprive you of your fun and joy. Heck, I wish I was there with you to sling my book at the booksellers. 😆 Of crouse, we might get thrown out by the time I finish.

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