I’ve been avoiding this post because I know nobody likes bad news.  Assuming you like my books, that is.  If you don’t, then you probably don’t care and are think the world is better off.  😆

Anyway, I got my TSIH edits back from my fabulous editor Patricia over at Hazard Editing–holy smokes, they’re growing by leaps and bounds!–and she hit on things that I had gotten lost in the back of my mind.  Not only that, but bought up some interesting points.  My goal is to finish the edits this week and get them back to her by Sunday.  Fingers crossed because my kid has this way of enrapturing me with a smile.  Not only that, but I’ve finally gotten back on my cardio machine so I can do a better job at keeping up with her.  😉

So what does all of this have to do with bad news?  It means The Spider Inside Her won’t be out until June.  I’m hopeful for early June, but I can’t be sure because I have a date with several panels at ConCarolinas the weekend of the 4th.  It also means that Deadlier by the Dozen has been pushed to July.  Thankfully, I’m almost halfway through polishing off that book before I send it on its merry way.

The good news, I don’t know if Disappearance Hall will be pushed back.  I sure hope not because I really want that book out no later than the summer.  I can’t give an exact date because I won’t know until I figure out how much work I need to put into it.

So where are you with your writing/reading these days?


Disappearance Hall and Other News

One thing about cannibalizing a novel is you never know what other corpses it’ll turn up.  A few weeks back when I posted my publishing schedule, I thought I could get Disappearance Hall done in April.  Not the case.  I had about a third of the book done when I decided to cut half of the remaining pages.  They just wouldn’t work for the new story.  So , I’m down to a total of 252 pages with more cuts coming and more new pages to write.  My best guess is that I’m halfway through my first draft and I’m not going to make April.  😦  May is still a possibility, but…

Something came up last week that could make the April cut, albeit late April.  Though it was a tough decision and one I didn’t take lightly, I’ll be publishing  The Spider Inside Her through Dusk Till Dawn Books.  It’s book #1 in my Cursed series and Deadlier by the Dozen is book #2.  Both of stories need another round of polishing before I can send them out to crit partners and/or my editor.  Not only that, but there’s a good chance that I can release them back to back.  If I do that, then it means Disappearance Hall won’t be in the hands of readers until possibly June or July. 

In essence, I have two books that both need polishing, but I can go through them faster than I can DH.  But…I’m having fun with DH right now and really want to see how my New Adult Paranormal turns out.  It would probably help if I knew which was selling better in terms of the market right now.  Dark Urban Fantasy or YA/New Adult Urban Fantasy?  *sigh*

So that’s where my writing life stand right now.  How about yours?


It’s official!  Bittersweet is live on Amazon.  Check it out:  Man, I love my cover.  🙂

In other news, I returned home from StellarCon and needless to say, it was a great Opening Ceremony.  Four members of the crew from Magical Words was there, so it was cool to hang out with them for the short time that I was there.  Tomorrow, we head back out to do my 2pm and 3pm panels and a booksigning at 4pm.  I’ll have copies of Stripped on hand.

Also, I got through an important scene from Disappearance Hall on my day off from the day job.  This was definitely a turning point.  The kind that change the entire focus of the story from what you might think was the main point that isn’t.  This is where my heroine learns that her problems a miniscule in terms of the stuff that’s happening around her.  I can’t wait to see what else happens in this story.  😀

BITTERSWEET News and Other Updates

After much consideration–and checking my calendar–I’ve decided to push Bittersweet‘s release day up.  Yayyyyyyy!  🙂  I’m looking at February 25th, the same day I leave for MystiCon in Roanoke, VA.  There are still a few things left to do, but nothing that should impact my new release date.  The big thing is I don’t want to rush this, which I haven’t.  More important, I don’t want to sit on it longer than necessary either.  Why bother, really?  

So what does this mean for those convention goers?  There’s a good chance that I’ll be giving away a free download codes.  The same still goes for those at StellarCon.  I love giving away freebies. 

In the mean time, I’m working hard on Disappearance Hall.  My goal is to finish it by March 15th…along with my taxes.  Plus, working on this will free up my plotter’s block (I suck at plotting) for Silent Scream, book #2 in my Bittersweet series.  If all goes well, I’ll be able to release Disappearance Hall in April/May and Silent Scream in July/August.  Other than The Spider Inside Her coming out in October with Belfire Press, I’m hoping to have another book released by the end of the year.  Which book, I don’t know.  I know this much.  Somewhere I need to fit in time for SKINNED.  Stupid writer’s block.  😦

And before I forget, a HUGE congrats to my fellow Belfire Press authors for your P&E Reader Poll wins and for grabbing spots on the preliminary list for the Stoker Awards.  Way to go!!