Hello Spring

penguinFinally! Spring time is here in North Carolina and I plan to enjoy as much of it as I can. I love spring.  🙂

You see that penguin standing there?  That’s how I feel right now.  Just standing on the shore, looking at a sea of possibilities. Possibilities for what I want to do with my secret project.  While editing the first book, I’ve fallen in love with the three-book series again and can’t wait until I’m done with all of them.  Of course, I’m on the fence about self-publishing it or submitting the first one to an epub. I’d prefer to go indie with the trilogy, but the cost of editing has really taken a bite out of my finances. Sure, I’ll make that money back, but I’d prefer to have the money in my bank account before I start spending it. That’s just me.  😉 But at the same time, there are only two epubs that I’m targeting, and if they say no, then indie I’ll go.

As for my other two short stories, one is on submission while the other is in the works. I’ve also been playing around with an idea for a second book in my vampire romance called If I Should Wake, but we’ll see. I’m still hopeful that I’ll have a total of six releases total this year with my trilogy being released as one book per month. When that will happen is anyone’s guess.  Like I said, I’m trying to get through editing the first book, so I can start editing the second one and finish writing the last half of the third.

One thing I will say is that John Saul has become my number-one favorite writer again.  Not that he ever lost it, but I haven’t been keeping up with his books.  I picked up Faces of Fear on the bargain rack in Barnes and Noble and can’t put it down. Absolutely thrilling! I cannot recommend it enough.

And before I forget, all of the books through Dusk Till Dawn Books are now on sale through Amazon!  I’ve knocked a buck off the prices because it’s spring and I wanted to do something to welcome it in. 🙂


If I Should Die Hit the “Top 100 Free” List!

We’re happy dancing at my house.  😀  If I Should Die hit Amazon’s Top 100 Free list at #86 and the Amazon’s Paranormal Romance list at #77.  Keep in mind, it’s only free for today, which is probably why it hit the list.  I can’t imagine where it was before 10:52pm tonight.  And since others are into showing this kind of stuff off, whereas I’m normally not, here is the proof…

if i should die top 77if i shoul die top 86 on free

That’s the highest I’ve ever been on any list.  I can’t recall exactly where I was with Hazardous Environment, but it was in the hundreds on one of those Amazon lists.  Your guess is as good as mine, but someone said that it was considered a bestseller.  I don’t know what that means since you can show up as a “bestseller” at a rank of 415,000.  *shrug*

Either way, I’m thrilled beyond all belief.  It’ll be interesting to see what happens tomorrow, since it’ll go back up to $2.99.  But no worries.  It’ll be free again later next month.

Cover Reveal – IF I SHOULD DIE

cover art - MEDHere’s the cover reveal for If I Should Die.  It’s an 18,000-word vampire romance that’s different from anything I’ve written in several ways.  First, it’s a short story.  Second, it’s a vampire romance, something I never thought I’d write.  Third, the heroine is a single mom with a couple of kids.  Let’s face it.  As a single mom, it’s nice to have a paranormal romance that I can relate to.  😉

Here’s the blurb…

Dr. Clarice Adair is a single mom with more than just a truckload of children to worry about.  Centuries ago, she was the vampire companion of a descendant from Elizabeth Bathory.  Today, she’s free and living a “somewhat” human life with all of the sensual cravings of a woman who hasn’t been touched in years.

Sebastian Bova has seen a lot in his two-hundred years.  But, he’s never seen anything as extraordinary as the serum developed by Dr. Adair that can turn a rabid vampire into a tamed pussy cat.  He wants her secret and will have it.  Temptation was never a part of the plan, especially with a single mom who has a bunch of mouths to feed.

Centuries of searching have brought the descendants of Bathory to Clarice’s front door and they’re not leaving with out her.  She’s ready to fight a losing battle to protect her loved ones, unless Sebastian can win over the protective, single-mother’s heart on time to help save them all.  An all-or-nothing battle is brewing and even the winner might not come out on top.

Release Date: 3/25/2013

Short Story Update and MystiCon News


I have my MystiCon schedule and it looks fabulous.  As always, they put me on panels with the wonderful Lexxx Christian, which means there will be plenty of fun to be had.

So, if you’re around the convention, here’s where I’ll be…

Fri 7:00 PM Ballroom E – WritingYA Lit: Breathing New Life Into SF/F

Fri 10:00 PM Boardroom 1 – Adult Characters with Benefits

Fri 11:00 PM ‐ 1:00 AM Rm 533 – Paranormal Erotic Paranormal Romance Reading

Sat 12:00 PM Ballroom E – Writing Making Old Stories New

Sat 7:00 PM Signing Table

Sat 11:00 PM Rm 438 – Writing Did That Really Happen?

Sun 10:00 AM Ballroom D Literature – What Will You Be Reading in 2020?

Sun 12:00 PM Rm 533 – Reading Koffee Klatch

Given that I usually bring my family to these things, I don’t have the heart to tell my mom that I’m on a 18+ panel where they’ll ID you before letting you in.  How cool is that?  😀

Short Story

I found another short story that I decided to resurrect.  I know I said I’d never write a vampire book, but I wanted to write this one because single moms need love, too.  Single women without kids shouldn’t have a monopoly on sexy vampire encounters.  The rest of us need some love, too.  😉  There’s also the fact, that I’ve mentioned this book at MystiCon 2012, so it’s time to ante up.

At 17,000 words, If I Should Die is about a single mom whose first vampire encounter left her broken and battered, and a second one that dooms her to repeat a terrifying history.

Even though I’m still fiddling with the cover art, the story is in the hands of my editor.  I’m hoping to release If I Should Die on March 4th, but we’ll see.