REVIEW – Underworld: Awakening

No matter how bad the Underworld series gets, I will always be a loyal fan because these are one of the FEW movies that has gotten kick-ass heroine and urban fantasy right.  Although, Lt. Ripley of Aliens remains my most favorite kick-ass heroine today.

So with that being said, I think Underworld: Awakening is my favorite of the whole series.  😀

First off, I like that they brought the world into a world that more familiar to me.  I’ve always had a hard time with where they filmed because I couldn’t relate to the setting.  Perhaps that’s also why it’s taken me so long to get into historical romances and why they have to be exceptional for me to really get into them.  But not to go too far off on that tangent, let me bring it back to my point.

Second, I liked Eve.  OMG, I loved Eve.  Such a nice spin on things by introducing her.

Third, no Speedman, Speakman, or whatever his name is.  Honestly, I never thought much of him other than he looked greasy and smelly.  But that’s just me.  I think it was that nasty looking wet hair of his that made him look more like a wet dog.  Sorry, ladies, but I like my guys clean.  Not necessarily clean-cut, but they have to at least look like they put a comb through their hair and took a shower.  Since he was–I think–in the movie for about a total of five minutes, I was especially thrilled.

Fourth, Stephen Rea.  This guy can act the hell out of role no matter what he’s given.  I really didn’t want him to be the bad guy, but got over that really fast when his sliminess grew on me.  🙂

Fifth, the black guy didn’t die.  Oh, yes, I went there!  😆  I so hope they keep Detective Sebastian in the next installment because being who he is, I think, adds that sweet touch of vulnerability that we need to see.  He’s a reminder that this is a dangerous world, so that we don’t become numb to the kick-assed-ness that everyone else seems to have.   The best way to survive it is to be careful and smart about the friends you make.

Six, David.  Now he’s a cute guy who’d make a nice complement to Selene.

Seven–saving the best for last–Selene.  She just gets better and better.

It was the a very fast 90 minutes that they should have extended to at least 2 hours.  Oh, and I saw this in 3-D only because I had a free movie pass.  Otherwise, I’d NEVER pay for a 3-D movie.  To me, it does nothing for the plot to justify the extra cash.  But that’s not what won’t push me into the A range.  I just feel like the movie was a little rushed because they had spent so much money in the special effects that they couldn’t afford to make it longer.  So, I’m giving this movie a strong B+.

Have you seen any good movies lately?



Cover Art for STRIPPED

It’s official!  Look what I have. 


Does that say kick-ass urban fantasy or what?  Kanaxa is master of cover art.  😀