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My Interview with the Dark Geisha

Hey, everyone! My interview with the fabulous Eden Royce (a.k.a. the Dark Geisha) is up. So, pop over there at and see what I have to say about a few things that…? Aw heck! I can’t recall what I said. It was about 11:30pm when I answered the interview questions. Anyone who knows me, knows that I refuse to be held responsible for what should come out of my mouth when it’s past my bedtime. 😉

Hanging Out at Books and Bites Today!

I really need to be quicker on the ball with these things.  *sigh*  Anyway, I was interviewed at Books & Bites today.  I’d love it if you guys visited, so be sure to check it out.

In other cool news of the non-writing type.  I got a promotion at the day job today.  It’s big, and a step in my career that I never thought I’d see.  Talk about a wonderful way to end the week.  😉

An Interview with Author, Ryshia Kennie

Though it’s rare that I do guest blogs, I have to make the exception for exceptional people.  Ryshia Kennie is one of them.  🙂  I would’ve done it sooner, like when her fabulous book Ring of Desire came out in November, but a little someone special got in the way.  Nevertheless, I wasn’t going to forget about Ryshia.  She’s an awesome chick and an amazing writer.  Did I mention she’s traveled the globe and has earned a spot of jealousy from me?  The lucky stiff.  😆 

With out further ado, I present an interview with the lovely Ryshia Kennie.  And don’t mind my commentary in bold.  I love interacting with people.  😀


1. Tell us about Ring of Desire.  Is it a historical fantasy romance? 

Ring of Desire is a historical fantasy set in 1072 England in a place called Hafne.  It is a land that is dark and barren but it echos with the signs of all things magical.  Sounds like my daughter’s room when her cries wake me at 4am.  Long ago a Norman’s hand destroyed Hafne’s peace and laid the way for the Ancients’ curse that has destroyed the land and taken the gift of immortality. 
Now the Normans have returned. Vala is drawn to the Norman leader and torn between two worlds human and Ancient.  With one chance to break the curse and immortality hanging in the balance, Vala fights against mortal love even as his ring identifies him as one of the chosen.
Land and a keep of his own is all Giles ever wanted.  Instead he finds himself bound to a destiny of which he wants no part and thrown into a battle like none he has ever seen.  But as he falls in love with Vala he must wage a battle to save both her and a land he has grown to love.   Sweet!  He sounds like a stud, hunk winner.
2. What is it about Medieval England that drove you to write this story?

I love the tales of knights and castles, and just the dark mystery of that era.  As I got into the research I just fell more in love with an era that was on the cusp of change.  Just post conquest, it was a fascinating time.  Same here, and I commend you for writing a story about it.  I know my limits and history is one of them.  
3. I want to know more about Giles and Vala’s personalities.  Did they clash at first meet or was it love at first sight?

When they first meet Vala was rather, shall we say unattractive in her half-drowned state and compounded it by throwing up on Giles boots.  LOL!  Cool.  On their second meeting (the first for Vala, as she was pretty much unconscious the first time round) there are serious sparks.  But Vala fights it.  That’s my girl.  Don’t give in yet.  Fight the power.  She has no use for a Norman who she holds responsible for the curse on Hafne.  Both are strong leaders and sure that they will be the one to lead Hafne and neither is backing down.  But the magic says otherwise and the chemistry between them continues to draw them together.  Whoa.  Talk about a way to draw me into a story.
4. Any chance that this might become a series with some of the secondary characters?

No series for this story.  While I love my secondary characters – some of them are among my favourites, I don’t know if I’d want to bring them out again.  I think they’re all happy with the ending – as Magna would say – “it is as it was foretold”.  I’m down with that.
5. Since I know you’re a big time traveler–lucky stiff–did you have to travel to England for further research?  And while we’re on the topic, how much research did you have to do for Ring of Desire? 

Ooh I wish I were a time traveler – LOL!  LOL!  It takes a writer to pick up that play on words.  😉

I love to travel and my stories reflect that – many set in the places I have visited and grown to love.  England, however I have always loved from afar.  Well, let me know when you want to go.  I’ve been dying to visit England myself.  I’ll admit – Ring of Desire is my first and only book where I didn’t research the locale by traveling there.  Somehow it didn’t seem right, I couldn’t picture modern England juxtaposing against the medieval world I was creating.   Although I did quiz my Mother-in-law endlessly – she had just made a trip to England when I began thinking about this story.  And I haunted the library until I’m sure there wasn’t a book on  medieval England that I hadn’t checked out.  That sounds like many, many hours of research to me.  You go with your bad self.  Not to mention my research shelf at home.  Did I mention it’s a fascinating era?
6. What’s in store for your next book?

I have a number of contemporary suspense that are mostly set in Asia.  One of my favorites is my entomologist with attitude who gets herself lost in the Borneo jungle and caught in the midst of what looks like a murder to boot.  Wow.  That sounds like a lot of fun…and like something that would happen to me had I been in her shoes.  Only, I’d probably get shot and the story would end there.  *sigh*


I’d like to thank Ryshia for stopping by and entertaining us with a few questions.  If you guys have any for her or any comments, feel free to post them.  I’m sure I’ll have a few more myself.  🙂


My Debut Author Interview

The lovely Gwyneth Bolton of the fabulous Hightower Honors series is back in action with her Featured Author Interviews.  Guess who’s the guinea pig is this go around?  😉  You guessed it.  Check it out here.