Seduction on the Prowl- REVIEW

Woohoooooooo!   I woke up this morning to a fantastic review from Paranormal Romance (also known as PNR).  Check it out here.

My favorite quote:

SEDUCTION ON THE PROWL is a thrilling story of shape shifters and magic. Marcia Colette has come up with some interesting twists to different types of supernatural creatures. But in the end, this is a paranormal romance and the hero and heroine must learn to deal with and trust each other before they can solve the mystery of Seclusion. Not to mention, Donna is hiding something very important, about herself and her source. All in all, an entertaining read with enough variety to keep anyone’s interest.

I think the rest of my day is set.  A huge thank you to Chere Gruver for reviewing Seduction.  I’m over the moon right now.  😀


Seduction on the Prowl RELEASED…in pdf

One hard thing about having a book release a week after giving birth to a new baby is lack of priorities.  While I love this story, sadly, the promo is going to be a little lacking this go around.  Let’s face it.  Genevieve Isabella comes first.  For now, here’s the cover for SEDUCTION ON THE PROWL

Be on the lookout for an excerpt from the book.  And if this cover makes you question whether or not this is a paranormal romance, then hopefully this promo video with help.  :mrgreen: