New Release by Shannon Wendtland

I absolutely love this cover. A huge congrats to Shannon Wendtland on her new release from Mocha Memoirs Press. Be sure to check out the blurb and excerpt below.



Malfric sees through the eyes of the dead – literally reliving their last moments as if they were his own. This ability is highly sought and highly priced, which is why the unscrupulous Captain Finch hires him to find the murderer of a nobleman and the whereabouts of a valuable artifact.

Quantex, the able-bodied first mate of Captain Finch, quickly becomes Malfric’s foil as he demonstrates uncommon intelligence during the investigation. Together the two uncover several clues that lead them to the killer, the artifact, and the frayed end of a mysterious plot that begins to unravel the moment Malfric takes it in hand and gives it a good yank.


     Quantex threw the wheel hard to starboard and leaned in, digging his boot heels into the deck and gritting his teeth.

    “Your orders, sir?” called Chulo, his acting First Mate.

    The pirate ship had come up from beneath them, at ramming speed it seemed, and veered to the side just in time to swipe their hull. The pirates had outfitted their ships with iron tridents that extended from their hull like great black rakes.  

    The Ariel had sustained some damage, rips in the hull and the like, and it might be a long time before it could safely land in the water and stay there.  Luckily, their ballast tanks were still full.

    Still leaning on the wheel, Quantex grinned tightly as the ship swung around, the stern facing the broadside of their attacker.  Pirates swarmed on the other ship’s deck, raising their fists and voices in a rallying cry.  

    This was going to be a nasty fight, Quantex knew.  But he hadn’t always worked for Finch, had he?

    “Arm the ballista and cinch it down at the stern.  Make sure the knots are good and tight ― let’s tie the bitch to us and take her for a ride.”

    “That’ll take several minutes, sir,” offered Chulo, his hat in his hands.  “What’ll ye have me do with the rest of the crew?”

    “Grapeshot in the cannons, aim for her mast and the sails.  And when I say, tell Jessop to release all the air in the big bladders.  We want to sink like a rock and take her down with us.”

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Moving On. Life After Samhain

samhain-logo1Even though I love having an indie press, Samhain was the reason why I decided to be a hybrid author. Even though I wasn’t able to get another book published with them–more so because I hardly write romance anymore–I was able to publish with other amazing companies like Mocha Memoirs Press and Purple Sword Publications. I also don’t believe in putting all of my eggs in one basket. Many financial advisors always tell their clients to diversify their portfolio, so that’s what I like to do with my writing business.

I don’t look at this as an end as much as I do a beginning. This is a chance for ex-Samhainers to really shine, so I hope for their sake they take full advantage of it. Self-publishing has really taken off to the point that the market is flooded. But at least, there’s a place where they can republish those books and perhaps make some pocket change from them. And even better, they get to keep almost all of it. Imagine that! They can get as much as 70% of the profits (if not more), depending upon where they publish and their price point. Again, imagine that!

Now, I understand why those authors might be bitter, too. After all, it also means they have to do all of the work for themselves. They definitely have to have new covers and market until they’re blue in the face. For those of us who are hybrids, that’s nothing new and probably why we’re less affected by Samhain’s closing. It’s a business. Period. That’s why I don’t feel like I’m losing a publisher as much as I’m gaining a new asset in my self-publishing portfolio. I’m cool with that.

So what does this mean for other e-pubs if the one of the biggest games in town is shutting its doors? Your guess is as good as mine. I’m sure some might want to snatch up those authors who have hit the NY Times and USA Today lists, but the rest of us are on our own. I’m sure there will be naysayers who’ll say, “Ha! You see? I knew they wouldn’t last.” Here’s a thought. If Samhain is “winding down”, which I interpret as trying to stay afloat before they head into shore, what’s going to happen to those publishers who don’t have NY Times bestsellers on their lists? How long are they going to last if they can’t meet the low price points of most self-published books? You can say what you want about the quality of those books, but the fact is self-publishing is chipping away at the traditional market. In some cases (i.e. Hugh Howey and Amanda Hocking), they’d already redefined it for themselves. I don’t know about anyone else, but it’s a good time to be self-published, whether the market is flooded or not. Still don’t believe me? Then take a look at Author Earnings for 2016. These numbers tell me that indie/self-publishing is a major contender for readers’ attentions.

Believe it or not, I’m not trying to sell anyone on self-publishing. Do whatever you want to do. But, I had a very wise author who is not only my friend, but a USA Today Bestseller talk me off the ledge that some authors are probably feeling right now. She was the one who talked to me about self-publishing, so I took a chance. I’m glad I did, too. Even though I haven’t made anything near “rock-star dollars”, I’m happy because my books are doing more than just collecting dust on my laptop.

I’m sure there are those who feel like the rug has been pulled out from underneath them. If so, then perhaps you need to make the best of those hardwood floor underneath. Everyone is too excitable in this business and I really hate the drama, the speculation, and the hate that things like this generate. Rather than shout at the rooftops about how unfair it is and feeling duped, authors needs to actually tend to their business. The business of writing and putting a plan in action to take care of their assets. Leave the emotions out of it. Better yet, leave that stuff for your next manuscript. The last thing a customer wants to see is an author whining about how their precious publisher abandoned them. Customers would rather see the results of your hard work.


Samhain Publishing is Closing

samhain-logo1…and I’m not the least bit bitter. In fact, while I appreciate the sympathy, if you really want to show some support, buy my books. 😉

If you haven’t heard the news by now, then you’re probably living in a cave. It’s true and hundreds of authors are spreading the news across social media. But the good news is that everyone is handling it just like they should. With professionalism. I’m honored to be associated with such an amazing group of authors.

Samhain has been a really great company. I made more money from them than I have before and I’m only talking one book. They gave me a chance that really blasted my confidence into the stratosphere, past the moon, and well into Pluto’s orbit. I have much to be grateful for, in fact. I’m especially grateful for how Crissy Brashear handled it. With class. Samhain was without a doubt one of the best publishers in the business. Their professionalism has always spoke volumes to me, which is more than I can say for those who prefer to handle their disappointment with vengeance and anger. This will not go down in flames like Triskellion or become an Ellora’s Cave where it’s better to string your authors along into the depth of your madness. Samhain has promised to do it gracefully and has asked us for our patience as they “wind things down.” Given what they had given me during my tenure with them, that’s the least I can do.

If authors are really worried about what happens next, they might want to do like a bunch of authors have been doing for a while. Form a publishing coalition (I’m game!) with other authors and start your own company where you can create your books, republish your abandoned books, and cross-promote the hell out of each other. After all, readers don’t really care who you publish with. They just want a good read.

Flash Fiction and Other February News

mocha2bmemoirs2bpress2blogo2baI should’ve mentioned this sooner, but I’ve been incredibly busy at times and horribly procrastinating during others. Mostly busy, though. Anyway…

Mocha Memoirs Press is having a Women In Horror Flash Fiction Contest on their blog. My contribution is called Thin Ice and I threw in a little Inuit mythology as icing on the cake. Now, even though it would be nice to win the gift card–yes, you can vote for your favorite flash story–I’m more thrilled at the fact that because I made the top ten, I’ll be in an anthology. I can’t wait! 😀

So I’ve been up to couple of other things these past couple of months. Writing has been a huge part of it, but I’ve been focusing on my other pen name because I’ve been neglecting it horribly. That will change because if all goes well, I’ll be releasing four books total over a period of about two months. And no, I’m not sharing the new pen name, yet. 😉

There’s something else that’s going on, but I can’t share that right now. But as the publishing world wakes up on Monday, I’m sure it’ll be all over the airways because heaven knows writers can’t keep a secret. When that happens, that’s when I’ll open up about it because it does affect me. Not in a necessarily bad way though. Perhaps that’s the optimist in me speaking.


Warm Winter Collections Sale at MMP


Curl up with the authors of Mocha Memoirs Press as they celebrate the wondrous world of anthologies! MMP anthologies and collections are on sale for ONE WEEK ONLY (1/18- 1/28)!  On Thursday, January 21st at 7:30 pm EST.  we’ll be dishing about upcoming releases, revealing tricks of the writing trade and taking questions from all your favorite MMP authors at the address below! See you there!

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Review Blog Tour for STRAINED and Contest!

strained_originalMy first Review Tour with Goddess Fish Promotions starts today and I couldn’t be more excited. Well…perhaps it’s more like a nervous excitement. When it comes to reviews, you never know. But at the same time, I’m just thankful to have had someone read my book.

So in case you’re wondering what the line-up looks like over the coming weeks, here it is:

December 31: Unabridged Andra’s
December 31: The Avid Reader
January 7: The Reading Addict
January 14: Liz Gavin’s Blog
January 14: Books Are Love
January 21: Book-o-Craze

Oh, and the more you comment, the better your chances of winning a $15 gift card from Amazon. I’ll be checking in when I can, so don’t be surprised if I pop in from time to time to answer a few questions.

Happy Release Day – STRAINED

Be sure to pick up a copy today! Available on Amazon and wherever books are sold.


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