If I Should Die Hit the “Top 100 Free” List!

We’re happy dancing at my house.¬† ūüėÄ ¬†If I Should Die hit Amazon’s Top 100 Free list at #86 and the Amazon’s Paranormal Romance list at #77.¬† Keep in mind, it’s only free for today, which is probably why it hit the list.¬† I can’t imagine where it was before 10:52pm tonight.¬† And since others are into showing this kind of stuff off, whereas I’m normally not, here is the proof…

if i should die top 77if i shoul die top 86 on free

That’s the highest I’ve ever been on any list.¬† I can’t recall exactly where I was with Hazardous Environment, but it was¬†in the hundreds¬†on one of those Amazon lists.¬† Your guess is as good as mine, but someone said that it was considered a bestseller.¬† I don’t know what that means since you can show up as a “bestseller” at a rank of 415,000.¬† *shrug*

Either way, I’m thrilled beyond all belief.¬† It’ll be interesting to see what happens tomorrow, since it’ll go back up to $2.99.¬† But no worries.¬† It’ll be free again later next month.


Happy Release Day – IF I SHOULD DIE

cover art - MEDIt’s finally out!¬† If I Should Die is available on Amazon!¬† So, get your copy now. ūüôā

Normally, I’d add the blurb again, but you can read about it in the previous blog.¬† It just seems redundant to list it here again.¬† However, I had to make sure I note that it’s only available on Amazon right now through their Select program.¬† That means Amazon has it for the first 90-days and then it’ll be available in other places like Kobo, Smashwords, and Barnes and Noble on June 25th.¬† This is more so of an experiment because I want to see if what they say about the Amazon Select program is true.¬† That’s what this business is about.¬† Experimentation.¬† Whether or not I’ll do this with other books remains to be seen.

So, being a part of the program also means I can offer this book up for free for a day or two.¬† So, at some point, it’ll be available free for anyone who wants to try it out.¬† When that’ll happen, I don’t know because I haven’t looked at the calendar yet to figure out when is a good time.

If I Should Die is a novel short, meaning it’s only 18,000 words.¬† I have two more stories that will be around that same length that I hope will get bought up by a publisher.¬† If not, then I’ll publish those through Dusk Till Dawn Books.¬†¬†One way or another, you’ll get a chance to read them.

Cover Reveal – IF I SHOULD DIE

cover art - MEDHere’s the cover reveal for If I Should Die.¬†¬†It’s an 18,000-word vampire romance that’s different from anything I’ve written in several ways.¬† First, it’s a short story.¬† Second, it’s a vampire romance, something I never thought I’d write.¬† Third, the heroine is a single mom with a couple of kids.¬† Let’s face it.¬† As a single mom, it’s nice to have a paranormal romance that I can relate to.¬† ūüėČ

Here’s the blurb…

Dr. Clarice Adair is a single mom with more than just a truckload of children to worry about.¬† Centuries ago, she was the vampire companion of a descendant from Elizabeth Bathory.¬† Today, she’s free and living a “somewhat” human life with all of the sensual cravings of a woman who hasn’t been touched in years.

Sebastian Bova has seen a lot in his two-hundred years.¬† But, he’s never seen anything as extraordinary as the serum developed by Dr. Adair that can turn a rabid vampire into a tamed pussy cat.¬† He wants her secret and will have it.¬†¬†Temptation was never a part of the plan,¬†especially with a single mom who has a bunch of mouths to feed.

Centuries of searching have brought the descendants of Bathory¬†to¬†Clarice’s¬†front door and they’re not leaving with out her.¬† She’s ready to fight a losing battle to protect her loved ones, unless¬†Sebastian can win over the protective, single-mother’s heart on time to help save them all.¬† An all-or-nothing battle is brewing and even the winner might not come out on top.

Release Date: 3/25/2013

News Threads

I try to update my website the first of every month.¬†¬†Most of the time, the information in the News column has already been said on my blog or¬†is something¬†you¬†I want to reiterate.¬† However, there’s something there that I haven’t reported until now.¬†¬†That’s a first for me.¬† ūüėČ

So rather than keep you in suspense, here it is.¬† Seduction on the Prowl will be re-edited and re-released in Winter 2011 as Hazardous Environment.¬† I won’t go into the story behind this decision because that’s between my publisher and me.¬† Let’s just say it’s for the best.¬† For me, that is.¬† ūüėȬ† I’m looking forward to diving into this book again and pulling out the guts, rearranging them, and shoving them back in place the right way.¬† The overall concept and plot will remain the same, but I’m sure it can¬†be better.¬† Along with re-releasing Hazardous Environment, I’m also planning to release the third book in my Werecheetah Trilogy tentatively¬†titled Dangerous Environment.¬† For a while I was wondering if I’d ever get back to writing paranormal romances again.¬† The answer is a wholehearted YES!

Do you know who LJ Charles¬†is?¬† I hadn’t until Sarra¬†Cannon posted on our HCRW loop that she had LJ Charles had her as a guest on her blog.¬† My eyes¬†grew to half-dollar size when I saw her pic.¬† “I know this chick!” I screamed.¬† Heck, we must have spent two hours on the couch at Claudia Dain’s¬†house (she hosted the¬†Christmas party) talking about everything under the writing sun.¬† Sadly, we had lost track of each other shortly afterwards.¬† In the back of my mind, I always wondered how she was doing, but hadn’t had the time to play catch up.

But here’s where the story really gets weird.¬†¬†A week prior, I had gone to our HCRW¬†website because new member sites always pop up there.¬† I hadn’t heard of LJ before, so I checked out her website not knowing who she was (she doesn’t have a picture there) and loved the premise of her book.¬† I was hoping she’d come to the next meeting because I wanted to put a name to the face.¬†

Low and behold, LJ had gone the indie route and self-published¬†Lifethread¬†her first YA book in March, just like me.¬† I was floored and thrilled and crazed with excitement when I found out.¬†Still am.¬† If you ever get the chance the meet LJ, she’s an amazingly easy person to talk to and is smarter than the so-called whip.¬† Chat her up, because you won’t be disappointed.¬† Oh, and I can say the same about her book.¬† I’ve already read the first three chapters and I’m enthralled.¬† ūüėÄ