Hello Spring

penguinFinally! Spring time is here in North Carolina and I plan to enjoy as much of it as I can. I love spring.  🙂

You see that penguin standing there?  That’s how I feel right now.  Just standing on the shore, looking at a sea of possibilities. Possibilities for what I want to do with my secret project.  While editing the first book, I’ve fallen in love with the three-book series again and can’t wait until I’m done with all of them.  Of course, I’m on the fence about self-publishing it or submitting the first one to an epub. I’d prefer to go indie with the trilogy, but the cost of editing has really taken a bite out of my finances. Sure, I’ll make that money back, but I’d prefer to have the money in my bank account before I start spending it. That’s just me.  😉 But at the same time, there are only two epubs that I’m targeting, and if they say no, then indie I’ll go.

As for my other two short stories, one is on submission while the other is in the works. I’ve also been playing around with an idea for a second book in my vampire romance called If I Should Wake, but we’ll see. I’m still hopeful that I’ll have a total of six releases total this year with my trilogy being released as one book per month. When that will happen is anyone’s guess.  Like I said, I’m trying to get through editing the first book, so I can start editing the second one and finish writing the last half of the third.

One thing I will say is that John Saul has become my number-one favorite writer again.  Not that he ever lost it, but I haven’t been keeping up with his books.  I picked up Faces of Fear on the bargain rack in Barnes and Noble and can’t put it down. Absolutely thrilling! I cannot recommend it enough.

And before I forget, all of the books through Dusk Till Dawn Books are now on sale through Amazon!  I’ve knocked a buck off the prices because it’s spring and I wanted to do something to welcome it in. 🙂


Query Letter Approach

I’m querying for more than one project right now.  It happened that way because while waiting for a reply on one project, I happened to finish another.  A question I had for my online writing support group left me thinking about my querying style.

We’re told to be professional and all times and to research the agent thoroughly.  I agree with that 110%.  After all, agents probably have a steady volume of emails in their inboxes even at the end of the week.  They don’t have time to waste with someone who doesn’t know what they represent or doesn’t take the time to spell their name right, especially if it’s an easy name. 

I approach my queries thinking short, sweet, and to the point.  Very professional and very brief.  Everyone’s time is important to them, so I don’t believe in taking up more than my share.  They give the agent everything they want to know about my WIP.  Or at least, I hope it does.  😉  I don’t even fluff up my bio section anymore.  In the end, the hook/blurb has to be the thing that wow’s them.

I’m not saying I’m an expert query writer.  Ha!  If you believe that, then I’m hear to tell you I’m the new owner of Lehman Brothers.  I put my feet in the agent’s shoes and ask myself, “What would I want to see?”  Then, I compose it in my query.  Not every agent gets the same letter because I try to write some of them based on what they represent.  If they’re looking for a “mystery twist” and my story has it, then I put that right up at the top.  If not, then I don’t bother and I don’t sweat it.  Like I stated before, it’s all about the hook.

What words go through your mind when you compose a query?