RWA Registration-less Conference Review

Boy, did I have fun!  I met so many old friends and new friends while hanging out at the bar/lobby of the Marriott that I wished I had another day.  I’m still kicking myself for not finding Leanna Renee Heiber or Isabo Kelly to congratulated them on their Prism awards.  At least I hooked up with my lovely BFF, Nancy Haddock for dinner and good times.

Friday.  I left at 8:30am and didn’t get to my hotel until 5pm.  Why?  Because traffic sucked.  But it REALLY sucked every time I wanted to turn into the hotel but couldn’t because a damn fire truck or police car was in the way.  I spent 3 hours trying to get to my hotel because the fucking streets were laid out like spaghetti. 

By the time I finally arrived at my hotel, I had missed the Samhain wine and cheese fest.  Boy, was I bummed about that.  Even worse, some jackass pulled the fire alarm at 5:30.  So that means I was in my hotel for only half hour before I had to leave it again.  I was tired, pissed, and ready to torch my room to make sure the fire trucks didn’t waste their time.  Anyway, I headed over to the Marriott and the first person I ran into was the amazing Kimberely Kaye Terry and Jean Marie Ward before meeting up with JT Bock and Karmela Johnson.  In the process, I got a chance to make a new friend, the lovely CatMarsters/Kate Johnson.   Not only does she have a cool British accent, but a wicked sense of humor.  Did I also mention how stylish she is?  🙂  After dinner, we retreated back to the hotel where I met that fabulous and very beautiful Elizabeth (didn’t get her last name) and the endearing Alix Rickloff.  Boy, is she a sweetheart.  At 12:45am, it was time to call it a night.  Besides, Baby Girl kept kicking up a storm with all of the loud voices in at the bar. 

Saturday. I had time on my hands and had good intentions to go to see the sights.  Didn’t happen.  Instead, I went to the Marriott and kept running into more friends.  I hung out with the amazing and incredible Samantha Kane and Mari Freeman.  By the way.  I owe Samantha big time!  She had an extra ticket left for the awards ceremony so I could hold my buddy, Elizabeth Langston’s, hand when they were announcing the finalist for the Golden Heart.  Without the extra ticket, I wasn’t going to be able to go.  So go buy Samantha’s books because she’s a fantastic writer and a great friend!  Anyway, by hanging out with them, we ran into the beautiful Eden Bradley(gotta love this woman) and sweet-thang Jax Cassidy.  BTW, Jax will be doing my next website redesign.  No way am I doing that shit again.  😆  Anyway, shortly after they left to do their panel, the fire alarm went off.  I kid you not.  It was like a fire alarm a day in DC.  Anyway, I then ran into the fun-loving Emily Rose and her beau, some more authors whose names escape me, and finally, dinner with the beautiful Nancy Haddock.  Gosh, I love this woman to pieces!  Also, I bumped into Margie Lawson, Jenna Black, several times, in fact, Jeri Smith-Ready (such a sweetheart), Ms. Lady Jane’s Salon herself, Maya Rodale, and the very cool Virginia Kantra.  Did I mention I bumped into Karin Tabke, too?  I blame it on the chocolate covered strawberries for bringing us together.  😉  Finally, I closed out the day hooking up with JT, Cat, Elizabeth, and Alix again.  And just when I thought that was the end…I run into Nancy again and she introduced me to her amazing editor.  No, I didn’t pitch a book at her, but we had a great time coming up with a fantastical story of how Nancy got published.  😉

Sunday.  I left at 8:30am and got home just before 1:30pm where I crashed.  No excitement there.

Highlights.  Baby Girl kicked on cue for a couple of people.  That was pretty awesome for a couple of folks.  Either BG likes the excitement or she was thumping me to tell everyone to be quiet.  Either way, she garnished me a lot of attention.  Not only that, but I got a lot of kudos for choosing motherhood instead of it choosing me.  🙂

So that was my big RWA adventure.  All in all, I give it a B+.  It would’ve been an A, but I forgot that you can’t get free books at the publisher signings unless you’re a registered conference goer.  Tha sucked.  But at the same time, for all the books I would’ve loved to have picked up, they don’t amount to $475.  So, I’m good.  But because of this fabulous experience, I’ll definitely be attending RWA Nationals 2010 a day or two early and it will be registration-less.  😉

19 thoughts on “RWA Registration-less Conference Review

  1. I was home all loopy on pain killers 😦 Some idiot hit me (and my poor MINI) and left me all sore and ANGRY as hell, but no broken bones, just a lot muscle and ligament injuries; oh, and a headache that I can even describe now. Now what? I was reading a short story while I was on pain killers and had the coolest nightmare ever–I know that sounds strange, but it gave an idea for a story.

    I couldn’t move last weekend because of all the soreness, um… and because my car is smashed and call sell it as it is, but I’m moving next Saturday if the gods help me–and the freaking insurance company of the guy that is trying to play games. Can you believe the bastard tried to run? But my neighbors–about a gazillion of them–stop his irresponsible butt cold on the spot.

    Anyway, I’m not so bad today. Plus reading about the amazing weekend you had makes me feel a lot better 😀

    • Ohmygod! I’m so glad to hear that you’re okay. If you need someone to blow up the guy’s car, you just let me know. Leave it to the insurance company to play games. I’d be more than happy to play back, starting with my gamepiece that’s shaped like a lawyer. Did the guy get charged with a hit and run or trying to flea the scene of a crime? Oh, I so hope so. That’s extra ammunition to slap the insurance company upside the head.

      Anyway, feel better hon. *big hugs* And keep me posted on your progress.

      • He got charged with passing illegally on the left (he was drove on the wrong side of the road to pass me). He was charged with other things, but I forget. I spoke with the insurance company today (his) and they’ll make a determination today. My own insurance company has been a blessing, so I’m happy. They are really helping.

  2. Did I say that I was green with jealousy? Okay, maybe the green is just my olive skin, but I’m still jealous lol. I’m glad you had so much fun and took the time to share it with us 😉

    • Of course, I’d share it with you guys. How could I not? 🙂 I’m trying to get the word out that registration-less is not a bad way to go to hang out with fellow authors. Especially when you’re on a budget.

      Heck, I’m even thinking about putting together a writer’s gathering for the unregistered. 😉

  3. $475? I didn’t realize it cost so much. Wow. If I don’t sell by next year, I might go unregistered, too. I’m glad you and BG had so much fun. And I’m with you about Magaly. She needs a good lawyer.

  4. I’m not jealous.

    I’m so happy you had a great time and that BG can perform on cue- I’ll induct her on my dance team once she’s big enough to walk. I’m not jealous of all the cool people you saw OR that you got to go to the awards ceremony.

    I’m definitely not jealous that you didn’t have to pay the registration fee to have a good time. Nope, not jealous at all. 😉

    • 😆 I’m glad to hear that, Tivi, girlfriend. Because I had bunches of fun and plan to do it all again next year. In fact, I think you should go to conference next year, too. Baby Girl will be eight months old and looking cute as ever. She’d love to see her aunt Tivi.

  5. Wow, it sounds like you had an absolute blast! I hope to be able to do something like this at some point. Right now, I’m planning on hitting Dragon*Con. It’s not the same thing, but there will be authors there to meet. I want to do one of the romance cons, though, for sure.


    • Dragon*Con. *sigh* What I wouldn’t give to be able to go to there. The last time I went, it was just as much, if not more fun than RWA because it wasn’t just about writing. It was about everything sci-fi, fantasy, and horror that you could possibly imagine. Talk about fun. Unfortunately, I’ll be into my third trimester by the time it comes around and plus I have family coming into town a week before then. So, between needing time to recoop from their visit and carrying a small weight in front of me, I’m not going this year. Next year is a different story. 😉

  6. So glad we got to hang out at the conference. Had such a wonderful time. Why don’t you live closer!!!! You were very busy for only a couple days there. If you want to take a tour of anything DC, you and Baby Girl are welcome anytime. 🙂

    LOVE the new book cover. Very cool! I’ll look forward to reading it soon. I’m so excited for you. 🙂

    • Same here, hon. 🙂 Next time you’re in NC, you have to stop by the house. My home is always your home.

      And thanks for the compli(e)ment. I’m looking forward to you submitting to Samhain. 😀

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