Samhain Publishing is Closing

samhain-logo1…and I’m not the least bit bitter. In fact, while I appreciate the sympathy, if you really want to show some support, buy my books. 😉

If you haven’t heard the news by now, then you’re probably living in a cave. It’s true and hundreds of authors are spreading the news across social media. But the good news is that everyone is handling it just like they should. With professionalism. I’m honored to be associated with such an amazing group of authors.

Samhain has been a really great company. I made more money from them than I have before and I’m only talking one book. They gave me a chance that really blasted my confidence into the stratosphere, past the moon, and well into Pluto’s orbit. I have much to be grateful for, in fact. I’m especially grateful for how Crissy Brashear handled it. With class. Samhain was without a doubt one of the best publishers in the business. Their professionalism has always spoke volumes to me, which is more than I can say for those who prefer to handle their disappointment with vengeance and anger. This will not go down in flames like Triskellion or become an Ellora’s Cave where it’s better to string your authors along into the depth of your madness. Samhain has promised to do it gracefully and has asked us for our patience as they “wind things down.” Given what they had given me during my tenure with them, that’s the least I can do.

If authors are really worried about what happens next, they might want to do like a bunch of authors have been doing for a while. Form a publishing coalition (I’m game!) with other authors and start your own company where you can create your books, republish your abandoned books, and cross-promote the hell out of each other. After all, readers don’t really care who you publish with. They just want a good read.


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