Flash Fiction and Other February News

mocha2bmemoirs2bpress2blogo2baI should’ve mentioned this sooner, but I’ve been incredibly busy at times and horribly procrastinating during others. Mostly busy, though. Anyway…

Mocha Memoirs Press is having a Women In Horror Flash Fiction Contest on their blog. My contribution is called Thin Ice and I threw in a little Inuit mythology as icing on the cake. Now, even though it would be nice to win the gift card–yes, you can vote for your favorite flash story–I’m more thrilled at the fact that because I made the top ten, I’ll be in an anthology. I can’t wait! 😀

So I’ve been up to couple of other things these past couple of months. Writing has been a huge part of it, but I’ve been focusing on my other pen name because I’ve been neglecting it horribly. That will change because if all goes well, I’ll be releasing four books total over a period of about two months. And no, I’m not sharing the new pen name, yet. 😉

There’s something else that’s going on, but I can’t share that right now. But as the publishing world wakes up on Monday, I’m sure it’ll be all over the airways because heaven knows writers can’t keep a secret. When that happens, that’s when I’ll open up about it because it does affect me. Not in a necessarily bad way though. Perhaps that’s the optimist in me speaking.



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