Blog Hopping and Holiday Talking

When I look back at the stories I’ve written, I don’t think I have one story that takes place during the winter season. Something about the snow just makes is harder for characters to run, assuming they’re in the wrong part of the country, and just makes an overall mess of things. Plus, as a writer you always have to give somewhat of a description of what your characters are wearing at the time. For instance, you don’t want someone going out in shorts in a blizzard and you want to make sure they snag their jacket (possibly flipping over a chair) if they’re in a tirade. All of those little nuisances make my shy away from winters settings.

Now, I like challenges. So, this is one of those things I’d like to break away from. I have a WIP that takes place the day before Christmas and the family is gathered around the tree. They’re not drinking eggnog either. This brood needs something a little stronger than that given what they’ve been through. Of course, all hell breaks loose as Christmas dawns because those are the types of stories I like. No time for Santa to slip down the chimney when you have someone unloaded bullets through the windows. But again, that’s just me. Of course, this also means I have to carry the whole winter theme through unless my characters decide to fly down to Australia, which isn’t going to happen.

But getting back to my post. There are other aspects of winter that I think would make great settings, though I have a feeling that my devious side might break out. For instance, I have this image of a werewolf trying to chase someone down in the middle of an ice storm they’re doing no better than the car that’s sliding out of control and heading straight for them. And suppose the lake where people have long suspected a monster to live decides it hasn’t had it’s fill before going into hibernation? I can see him swimming to surface to feed on some idiot ice skaters who thought the “thin ice” signs were full of crap after two feet of snow and temperatures hitting the teens the previous night.

Oh, the wonderfully bad things you can do with a winter setting.

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4 thoughts on “Blog Hopping and Holiday Talking

  1. I love winter settings. While I hate winter — part of fall is always about me grumbling about “The Great Inevitable” — I do think that winter and snow make for an interesting challenge and a beautiful backdrop. I really liked your post. πŸ™‚

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