Keeping It Short

Two things.

First: I’ve added my new Review Roundup page and have added some reviews for STRICKEN. I was wondering why I was missing them, but then I remembered that the reviews were going up throughout July. That was a particularly difficult month for me because we had to deal with the death of our family matriarch. It didn’t help that I had gotten sick the day before the funeral, which pretty much knocked me out for a good week. So sadly, STRICKEN wasn’t a priority. But thankfully, I can make that up with STRAINED. 😉 A huge thanks to Goddess Fish Promotions for putting it together for me.

Second: I’m throwing out a reminder that AN IMPROBABLE TRUTH will be available on Tuesday, October 11th and I’ll be reviewing this book on my blog. I can’t wait. I’ve heard there are some incredible stories coming out this book with some amazing authors. So be sure to grab a copy and help me review it.


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