Quickie ConGregate Wrap-up and Other Stuff

I’m fresh off the ConGregate wagon and home relaxing. Okay, so more like home catching up on bills because I purposefully didn’t feel like paying them before I left. Sad, but true, and that’s unusual for someone who’s as anal about paying her bills as I am. 

Anyway, ConGregate was absolutely awesome!! For their first time con in Winston Salem, NC, they did a fabulous job. Next year, the convention will be in High Point and I’ll be there. Only, I might not stay in the con hotel because it was the same one used by StellarCon. I hate that hotel with a passion. 

So some of my highlights were meeting fabulous friends like Lexxx Christian and Nicole Given-Kurtz. Their respective incredible spouses, Tally Johnson and Randy Richards. Sharon Strogner has been a LOT of fun hanging out with, too. We FINALLY got to share some panels together, including Fandom Feud. Yeah, we lost, but who cares. Everyone did because the only prize you got were bragging rights. Which means, we won because we didn’t rack our brains that hard for nothing. LOL! Panels were especially fun when you get to spend it with folks like Janine K. Spendlove, Stuart Jaffe, and Faith Hunter, too. 😉 Oh, and cross your fingers for me because I’ll be working on something for Janine this week. Here’s to hoping it pans out. 

One of my favorite panels, though I wished it was longer because we didn’t scratch the surface was the Self-Publishing panel. People tend to forget that there is a such things a “hybrid” author who does both self-publishing and traditional. It’s another option other than going all the way if you’re not quite ready for that. Yes, it’s hard to get into traditional, but at the same time, you can still self-publish while you’re waiting for the traditional iron to strike. You build your name, and ultimately, that’s what sells books.

The urban fantasy panel will and shall always be one of my favorites because I love love love talking about the things that got me into writing in the first place.

So what’s next on my horizon? Well…I got my official invite to Imaginarium in Lexington KY in September. I’m thoroughly stoked about that one because I’ve never been and I’ve been hearing extremely cool things about it. After that, it’s Atomacon in Charleston, SC! I discovered this convention late last year and was only able to be a panelist, which means you didn’t see that much of me. But this time, it’s different. I’ll be a full-fledged guest, which means more face time with the audience and I can’t wait. 😀


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