Welcome to Charlotte!

movingIn case you haven’t been keeping up with my Facebook entries (the few and far between because that became a victim to my absence, too), we’ve moved to Charlotte, NC! And that picture couldn’t be more accurate in terms of how I felt after the move. I won’t say it’s been a nightmare, but it’s been one heck of an adventure.

It all started when I started looking for a new job and got an offer I couldn’t refuse in Charlotte. The crappy thing was I had to move within 2.5 weeks after getting the offer. That sucked beyond all get out. I had to pack up my family, make arrangements with movers, look for a house to rent, and factor in I still own my house in Raleigh and what to do with that.

Well, we survived, although there were two casualties. Two of our zebra fish survived about two days later before we accidentally fed them to death. There was also the fact that Little Bit had gotten a urinary tract infection about a week after our move-in. The house is nice, but the neighborhood sucks. Honestly, your neighbors are so close on either side that you can reach out and touch someone. It’s been about five weeks and we STILL haven’t finished unpacking. But that last part was intentional. We’ve decided to look for another house because we just can’t take it at our rental anymore. It’s an okay house, but it’s obvious that the landlord is nothing more than a gimme man who has no clue about the condition his last deadbeats had left the house.

So where does that leave my writing? Well, for starters, my apologies to anyone who might have been looking for me at The Novel Experience. It turned out the same week I had to move from Raleigh to Charlotte fell right on top of that. So, I wasn’t able to make it. I’ll be at the other cons, of course. I’m still debating on going to Authors After Dark because I don’t know if my grandmother will be visiting. I still might go regardless. After all, I pass by the hotel that’s hosting the convention everyday on my walk back to my car. But like I said, the good news is I’ll still be a guest at ConCarolinas and Atomacon this year. I’m anxiously awaiting for guest applications to open up for Mysticon 2015. I’ll definitely be there!

As for writing, I’m starting to pick it back up again. I’m hellbent on getting Stripped 3 completed. Stripped 2 is done, but it needs to be polished. I want both of them done before I submit. Also, ideas for some short stories and novellas have been percolating in my brain. I blame Mocha Memoirs Press for that. 😉 But for now, I’m focused on the Stripped series. I really want to get that done and even resurrect a YA short centered around Alexa and her first encounters with the Hunting Club.

So that’s all I have for now. I’m moved, I’m tired, and I’m actually liking my new job.


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