Contacts for The Grotesquerie

WIHM 2014

Want to know more about some of the fabulous women keeping me company in The Grotesquerie? Well, check them out…

Vegan by Michele Garber

Cat Birds by Chantal Boudreau

Ice Crystals by M. Von Schussler

Dead Souls by Kris Freestone

Papa’s Wrench and the Wind Chime by Marianne Halbert

The River by Nicole DeGennaro

House Call by Rie Sheridan Rose

Devil’s Cake by Lisamarie Lamb

The Nightmare Club  by M. J. Pack

Sedah Point, Arizona by Marcia Colette

Extinguished by Caryn Studham Sartorus

The Red Fingers by Nicky Peacock
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Amazon Author page:
Good Reads:

Deceitful Innocence by Violet Tempest

Fate’s Hornet by Jessica Housand-Weaver

Sandy by Selah Janel

Dharma  by K.W. Taylor

Beyond the Torii by Kierce Sevren

Baby Eyes by Evelyn Deshane

Wicked Trip by Carrie Martin

Hide and Seek by Lilliana Rose

Emily by Ekaterina Tikhoniouk

Cryptomycology by Vivian Caethe

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