SOLD to Mocha Memoirs Press!

Woohooooooooo! This time, I sold my short story Sedah Point, Arizona to Mocha Memoirs Press for The Grotesquerie anthology due to be released in February.

This story was the result of a documentary I had seen on TV about monsters in America or something like that. It freaked me out, so I thought maybe it would make for an interesting story with a nice little twist on the end.  There was another story I was going to submit, but decided against it because I was worried it wasn’t creepy enough. That story I’ll probably release as a self-published freebie before putting a price on it. Anyway, I’m very happy with Sedah Point, Arizona because I wasn’t sure if I was good at writing horror and that’s what this anthology is about. Urban fantasy is more my game.

So what’s it about? Let’s just say “there’s a special place in h*** for when people do bad things, and the gatekeepers live in Sedah Point, Arizona.


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