Happy Turkey Day

Yeah, I know. I don’t post as much as I should and I have a good reason for that. I’m usually busy working on a project. Now, I know my progress might seem a little sad this year, but I’m hoping to pick it up for next year.

In the mean time, I hope you all have a happy and safe Thanksgiving. We’re keeping it very low key by staying home and enjoying each others company. The only “festive” thing we’ve done so far is take holiday portraits as Belks. Oh, and no Black Friday shopping for us. We’re planning to put Little Bit in daycare and then return home to go through her old toys so we can give them away to Goodwill. Now, while that might seem mean, it’s not. Those toys will get replaced with whatever Santa brings her. Plus, she won’t know those toys are missing anyway.

Okay, so enough about my boring life. You just make sure you enjoy every ounce of yours. 🙂

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