From FwallpapersGood lord! It’s been that long since I’ve blogged.

Well, I’ve been busy, but not with what you think. I’ve been working on my secret project, which is almost done. But that’s not what I want to talk about.

Sixth Night (A Fringe Line Story) has been sold to Mocha Memoirs Press! I’m absolutely thrilled about it for reasons I can’t share on this blog. If you ask me in person, I’ll tell you. What I can share with you is this isn’t my first foray into short stories (If I Should Die is my first), but it’s my first short-story sold to a small press.  That alone is one heck of a feat. I’ve been trying like crazy to master that particular area of writing because my stories are usually more than 80K. I love short stories because I’ve discovered so many awesome writers through that medium that I never would have otherwise.

So going forward, I’ll probably be splitting my time between the secret project and the second story in my Fringe Line series. This would be so much easier if I could afford to quit my day job. 😉


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