If I Should Die Hit the “Top 100 Free” List!

We’re happy dancing at my house.  😀  If I Should Die hit Amazon’s Top 100 Free list at #86 and the Amazon’s Paranormal Romance list at #77.  Keep in mind, it’s only free for today, which is probably why it hit the list.  I can’t imagine where it was before 10:52pm tonight.  And since others are into showing this kind of stuff off, whereas I’m normally not, here is the proof…

if i should die top 77if i shoul die top 86 on free

That’s the highest I’ve ever been on any list.  I can’t recall exactly where I was with Hazardous Environment, but it was in the hundreds on one of those Amazon lists.  Your guess is as good as mine, but someone said that it was considered a bestseller.  I don’t know what that means since you can show up as a “bestseller” at a rank of 415,000.  *shrug*

Either way, I’m thrilled beyond all belief.  It’ll be interesting to see what happens tomorrow, since it’ll go back up to $2.99.  But no worries.  It’ll be free again later next month.


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