Double Power Do-It-Yourself Fix

lol catMy posts regarding the MD-702 Double Power (DOPO) tablet have hit an all-time high, and stunned doesn’t begin to cover what went through my head when I checked the number of comments today.  So, I added an update to the original blog post, which you MUST read, and I’m back to do a third post that I hope will offer you “some” alleviation” if you bought a Double Power tablet and have experienced the same problem I have.

If your MD-702 Double Power won’t start or get past the Android screen before it shuts down, don’t bother with shoving a pin through the tiny hole on the side to restart it.  That won’t work and will only lead to false hope.  That’s what customer service suggested the first time I spoke with them an actually got someone on the phone.  If you’re lucky enough to get someone who will return your phone call or email and they fulfill everything they said they would do by fixing your tablet and sending it back, don’t relax just yet.  It’ll break again and you’ll spend another $50, if you’re lucky enough to get through to customer service a second time.

Rather than go through that hassle, here’s something “less” painful that you can do.  Caution: only do this if you’re fed up and willing to do a factory restore, which means you’ll have to re-install all of your apps.

1. Make sure your tablet is plugged in.

2. Reboot your tablet by sticking a pin in the side.  While the penguin is present in the corner of your screen, hold all of the buttons down.  I’m talking both volume buttons, the power button, and the back button.  ALL of them.  It might take more than one pair of hands, if your fingers aren’t as long as mine.

3. When the triangle with the exclamation symbol appears, release the buttons.

4. Press and hold all of the buttons again.  This will bring you to another screen with various options.  If you’re like me, you probably don’t have a backup.  So, don’t bother with that.  If I recall correctly, I chose something like the “factory restore” option because I thought that was the safest.  Basically that means what I cautioned about prior to starting this process.  You’ll return your MD-702 to factory condition and all of your apps will be gone.  To choose it, use your volume buttons to move through the list and select it using either your back or power button.

5. It’ll take a few minutes for your tablet to reboot, so sit it down and let it go.

6. Once the reboot is complete, your tablet should automatically come on and you’ll see that all of your icons, except for the ones the tablet came with are gone.

Wherever you’ve purchased your apps, you should be able to go back there and re-download and re-install them.  Yes, it might take a while, but it’s faster than waiting for a response from the Double Power Clueless Crew in California.  At least you can use your tablet for more than a paperweight.


7 thoughts on “Double Power Do-It-Yourself Fix

    • Yes! So far, I haven’t had anymore problems. Of course, that doesn’t mean it won’t happen again. I’m just glad I found a cheap solution that will only cost me a little time and patience.

  1. I tried the factory reset, but it’s been on the same screen since last night. It says “Erasing'” but it should be done by now. What should I do?

  2. I have a dopo 10.1 tablet p.c. I don’t know where the pin hole reset button is that is being discussed. The tablet will factory reset to 55% and go no further than that. Can anyone help please? I called Intel and they replied with send 125.00 and your tablet and they will fix it. I paid 235.00 for it about 90 days ago and they act like who cares. Thank you for any help anyone may have.

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