I wouldn’t normally do an updated review of anything unless there was an extreme need for it.  Trust me, there is a need for it when it comes to the Double Power tablet.  And believe it or not, it’s not the tablet that pissed me off.

So as the story goes, I highly recommend the DoPo MD-702 in a previous post.  In fact,  I loved it so much that I bought two MD-702 (Android 2.3) and a T-708 (Android 4.0).  My daughter came up to me one day and said she couldn’t get her MD-702 to come on.  So, I took a look at it.  I couldn’t get it to come on the usual way, so I inserted a pin to reboot it to come on.  It did.  Unfortunately, when it got the Android screen, it died.  Thinking it was a fluke, I tried it again.  And again.  And again.  At this point, I knew something was wrong.  So, I called customer service.

The folks at customer service said this was a common problem and that I needed to pay a $50 service fee to send it back.  Keep in mind that the $50 bucks was because I owned the tablet was beyond the 90-day warranty.  So, I didn’t see the harm because I only paid the $138 for it.  I sent it off, they fixed it, and sent it back.  Not only that, but I also learned that this apparently a common problem among the MD-702’s.

I hadn’t even had the damn thing for a week before it started doing the same thing again.  Whatever fix they administered, it didn’t take.  Furious, I reached out to customer service again and asked is there a warranty on their so-called fix because there was no way I was paying another $50 to ship this thing out again.   Customer service sounded extremely disappointed about the situation and agreed to send me a shipping label so I wouldn’t have to pay for it.  Keep in mind this happened back on August 21, 2012 and I have the email to prove it.

It’s been officially two months and nothing has happened.  :mad:  Companies say it costs them 6x as much to find a customer than it is to keep one.  My only guess is that the DoPo people must be rolling in enough dough not to care about losing a few to the growing mini tablet market.  I’ll be testing that theory when I’m ready to buy my next one.

So, yes!  I was upset that the tablet had stopped working and was willing to chalk it up as these things will happen.  It’s technology, and I know enough about it that there are always flukes on the assembly line.  However, the lack of customer service followthrough has left me more pissed off than the actual tablet itself.

Luckily, I still have one MD-702 that works and a T-708 that’s actually nicer than its predecessor.  But given what I’ve been through, I’m extremely hesitant about recommending the T-708.  It can be a great tablet when it works, but a piece of crap if it malfunctions and you can’t get the company to fix it.

So, if you’re in the market for a T-708, do yourself a favor by purchasing a service agreement with it.  You’ll save yourself the headache and possibly a $50 service fee from a company where customer satisfaction ranks as high as gum stuck to the bottom of your shoe.

DoPo Customer Service: 0 out of 5 stars

If I get a response, I’ll revisit this post