Horribly Late

Yeah, I know.  Same old story.  I suck and blogging.  Honestly, I had to log into the blog for another reason and had no intentions on blogging.  But when I saw my numbers, there was no way I wanted to ignore that many people who actually came here hoping to see something new.

So what have I been up to since ConCarolinas?  A lot, really.  Well…maybe.  The day job and Little Bit have been taking up most of my time.  Not that I’m using that as an excuse.  I’ve also been doing a lot of reading lately, too.  Some books I’d rather not say anything about, while others I think are pretty awesome.  For instance, I finally got around to reading an Amanda Hocking book and was hooked.  Even better, it’s a zombie book.  Now anyone who knows me knows I’m extremely picky about zombies.  Well, I LOVED Hollowland and Hollowmen.  I so hope there’s a third book in the series.  Hollowland (B+) was better than Hollowmen (B-), but still great when read together.  Like I said, I’d pick up a third book in heartbeat.

Right now, I’m reading House of Reckoning by one of my all-time favorites, John Saul.  I was a little worried at first, but I ended about sixty pages into the story and read one line that made me think “Yeah, that’s the John Saul I know and love!”  So, I’m not putting it down after all.  🙂

I’m looking forward to starting Richelle Mead‘s Bloodlines series, but only when the price of the ebook comes down.  I’m not buying anymore paper, if I can help it.  There’s enough junk in my house as it is.  I don’t need more clutter.

One thing that I especially love in the urban fantasy scene these days is the Cover Art Coverage feature by All Things Urban Fantasy.  If you haven’t seen it, you might want to.  I can fall off into another world with some of the cover art that comes out there days.  Or not, depending upon how crappy it is.  I don’t always agree with Abigail, Julie, and Kristina and it’s usually because they see something totally different from what I see.  As the saying goes, “Beauty is in the eye of the beholder.”

Talk to you soon!  I hope.  *gulp*


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