Over a Month Since My Last Post

Yes, I’ve slacked off.  I meant to give you guys a roundup of what went down at MystiCon, but for some reason, I got home and got busy.  Not only that, but I also got burned out.  Writing has become more like a chore because I just couldn’t find time to do it, let alone find something to write about.  So you can imagine where my blog fell on my list of “writerly” priorities, if I was struggling with my “paying” other stories.

I guess you could say that I’m back and writing again.  Sort of.  I’m writing, which is all that matters.  I’ve also become a tablet whore during my getaway.  Amazon Apps are the devil and  Mahjong is a demon king.  😆  I’ve learned to limit myself to an hour at most per day and the rest of my free time–if any–is dedicated toward writing.

The season finale of The Walking Dead was awesome!  I hate that we have to wait a couple of months to know what happens.  So, I went out to Wikipedia and looked up the comic for a better of idea of what’s in store.  It hasn’t diminished my love for the show because I already know it’s not quite follow the comic.  Not exactly, anyway.

Oh, and remember that post I did on the Double Power (DoPO) tablet?  Well, I’m the proud owner of two of them now and thinking about buying one for a couple of members of my family.  The only problem is I’m also planning vacation to Virginia  Beach.  My family might have to wait until I’m in another giving mood.

Right now, I’m reading Angel Fall by Susan Ee, and all I can say is WOW!!  I’m not into dystopian stories too much, but this one is definitely worth the read.  I’m almost finished and about to jump back onto the Lydia Dare bandwagon again.  I was never really off it, but rather, taking a break.  I needed to drag out the storyline because I didn’t want it to end so soon.  Although, there is a certain Kelley Armstrong books that’s waiting on my Kindle App.  😀



2 thoughts on “Over a Month Since My Last Post

  1. Marcia,

    Hey there! I was gone for a month myself! Tell you about it later.

    I love Mahjong! I loved it 12 years ago when it was still called Taipei. Lol. 😀

    Here’s to lots of writing time! 😉

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