Lady Jane’s Salon Recap

Well, I had just the most fantastic time this past Wednesday night.  😀  Yes, I’m talking about my reading at Lady Jane’s Salon.  The night started off with some food, which was delicious.  I had the chili at the Hibernian Restaurant and Pub, since I had a lousy ham sandwich before I left my house.  After some good conversation with 2/3 of the directors–Claudia Dain was sick–Get well, girl!–people started coming in around 7pm with their gently used romance books.  Seriously, I could’ve given them a couple storage boxes full.

My reading buddies for the night were the lovely Becky Moore (a.k.a. Dolly Dozier on my left) and Catherine Gayle (on my right).  Both women have books you NEED to check out.  I’m slowly getting into historical romance, and I swear every time I turn around, there’s something I need to read.  Catherine’ Twice a Rake was definitely it.  And though I’m not into straight contemporary stories to so much, I’ll be purchasing a copy of Becky’s Guardian Angel.

Anyway, just when I thought the night of fun, laughter, and good times couldn’t get better, it did.  You see, remember that write-up I did on Musa Publishing?  Well, I had no idea that Elspeth McClanahan from Musa would be in the audience and she liked my reading of Hazardous Environment I was so excited and surprised, but more important than that, I thanked her and the rest of the Musa staff for trying to do the right thing.  I even told Elspeth (a.k.a. Dominique Eastwick) that I had done a write-up on my blog about them and sent her the link to read it.  Of course, at the time, I didn’t have a dog in the AMP and Musa fight, but I know where I’m burying my bones and that’s in Musa’s corner.  🙂  They’re holding their own and that’s a good thing.  It was also refreshing to talk business with Elspeth because we both know that the publishing world is changing and authors are changing with it.  The hardest part of this business doesn’t change whether you’re with a publisher or indie.  Marketing and promo sucks and trying to stand out among the crowd is like hitting up against a brick wall.  But, I think I can speak for Elspeth by saying getting one good book in the hands of a one reader makes it all worth while.

Now, I’m off to start reading my copy of Shifting Hearts.  😉

By the way…I’ll be heading off to the next reading on February 29th where Lady Jane’s will be hosting Eboni McKenna, Mari Freeman, and Ava Stone.  I.  Can’t.  Wait.  😀


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