I’ve Been Thinking

Yes, a very scary prospect, indeed.  😉

You see, I had a lot of fun writing Hazardous Environment.  More fun that I thought.  Right now, I have another book in the trilogy planned for later in 2012 called Dangerous Environment.

But what if there were another?  Perhaps something like Venomous Environment.  Actually, I kinda like that title.  🙂  But suppose there was another after that and another?  See where I’m going with this?

Normally, I like to limit myself to no more than three books in a series because after that, I know me well enough that I might get bored.  In fact, I don’t know how other writers do it.  For the longest time, I considered myself a single-title urban fantasy writer because I always like to try new and different things.  But with my werecheetahs, I’m loving them beyond three books.

Let’s face it.  I like the romance genre, though urban fantasy and horror are still my number ones.  But at the same time, when I’m reading a great romance, the story usually hooks me with its claws and won’t let go.  I’d really like to see where my werecheetahs take me and if they spin-off or evolve into something else.  The only way to do that is to take a chance with more books in the series.  More cats means more fun!  Oh, and did I mention the sex?  😉  Sure you could have that in urban fantasies and the like, but there’s usually too much going on for my characters to think about that unless they’re already in an established relationship.  I’m not saying it isn’t impossible, but one I’m not likely to write from the get-go.  That’s why I have romances.

Now I won’t be picking up Dangerous Environment or the Venomous one right away.  I have a sci-fi that I’ve been dying to write and I’m going to do it.  After all, that genre has been my first love since I was old enough to realize what TV was.   I haven’t done anything about it until now because I now the science fiction community is one that seems to be more voracious about their science than anything.  Sure, I’m down with that, but it also means a lot of research with regards to the direction I’m going.  Dangerous Environment probably won’t happen until some time after I get another Bittersweet and Dark Encounters book out this year.  And don’t get me started on Skinned.  🙂

Any book series you wish would’ve continued to another book or two?  I’m in mourning over Vampire Academy and Women of the Otherworld.  Don’t even get me started on Harry Potter.

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