REVIEW: the Double Power (DoPo)Tablet

Everyone has gone head over heels this past Christmas with giving the gift of a tablet or buying one for themselves.  I fall on the latter.  But if you’re like me, you don’t know a thing about tablets, let alone which one to buy or what you want/expect in one.  With that being said, I was going to go for one of those 7″ tablets on the cheaper end like a Velocity Cruz, Colby, or Pandigital.  The problem was the reviews pretty much sucked on all three of those models.  Anything that wasn’t an Amazon Fire or a Nook Tablet was pretty much crap.

Not anymore.  😀

Ladies and gentlemen, I’d like to introduce to you the Double Power tablet (a.k.a. DoPo) that only seems to be sold–and usally sold out–on Wal-Mart online.  If you don’t have a lot of money to spend and you don’t know where to start in the tablet market, the DoPo is the way to go.

It comes with some interesting apps line NetFlix and Shelves for all of your books.  It also comes with an Amazon app that links you directly into the apps store.  That alone is dangerous, if you ask me.  I’ve already downloaded a bunch of stuff like weather, alarms, games, etc.  I’m not usually into games, but the few I have are somewhat fun.  I don’t get addicted to them very easily, so it’s not a big deal to have them.

Two things I bought it for were movies and as an ebook reader.  I’ve tried both and they’re awesome! No lag time outside of what you’d normally get from your ISP.  Movies come through clear.  I wish there was more to the volume controls, but at least they have controls.  Not only that, it’s not like the volume is a whisper either.  It’s built more so if one person were in front of the tablet and using it and not three or four.  As for the eReader part, the screen is what you’d expect of a computer screen.  So, if you’re looking for more of an e-ink device, this is not for you.  The pages have the flip-turn thing where you actually see them flip.  You can also zoom in and out on the text.  My only draw back is the Shelves app doesn’t allow you to pick up where you left off…or not that I can tell.  But there are so many other eReader apps out there that do, it’s not that big of a deal to me.

The only fault I have with the device–and it’s probably a fault I would have with any tablet–is my fingers are fatter than I thought.  It’s really easy to tap something you don’t mean to tap, which is why the zoom comes in handy.  I’m learning to get around it by making sure the my fingerprint is squarely on the link or button that I mean to press and not the one beside it.  The keypad works best if you have the device turned horizontally, but if you prefer vertical, go right ahead.  Oh, and if you want to buy a protector case for it, I’m using one designed for a Nook Tablet and it works just fine.

And since I started this post off talking about price, let’s go there.  The DoPo costs $139.  Trust me.  For the extra $40, it’s worth it.  The horror stories I’ve heard about the other 7″ tablets that I’ve mentioned above aren’t worth the $99 headache.  I’m not saying it’s like an Amazon Fire ($199) or a Nook Tablet ($249) and I’ve tried both of those.  What I am saying is if you’re looking to save some cash on a nice little starter tablet and to get a feel for what you might want in your next tablet, then the DoPo is for you.  Play with it, have fun with it!  I might have to break down and buy a new netbook this year.  At least, I can do it guilt free because I didn’t pay $500 for an iPad.

4.5 out of 5 stars.

UPDATE:  Before you purchase a DOPO, please be sure to read this post regarding customer service.  It might be a deal breaker.  It was for me.


94 thoughts on “REVIEW: the Double Power (DoPo)Tablet

  1. I laughed at the too fat fingers – you know all my life people told me I had piano fingers – long and skinny – then i got an iphone and moved into the current century. Apparently, they were wrong, I have “fat” fingers.

    Fantastic about your tablet – you’ll love it I think no matter what model.

  2. So….where can I get one? I have done a lot of research and DOPO seems like the best buy for the $. We live in the boonies and have to use the wireless Verizon device for our laptop. Utube and videos use so many gigabites! This would be great for on the go and traveling. Is the Wi-fi good on it?

    • Hi Donna,

      So far the Wi-fi has been excellent. I haven’t had any problems with it picking up a wireless network. One fo the main reasons why I wanted a tablet was for the same reasons you stated. I wanted it for on the go and to give my daughter something to do during long car trips. One thing I would suggest is getting an SD card for it, if you plan to download a lot of things onto it. Of course, the part that sticks is what you’ve already discovered. Walmart is the only place that I know of who sells it and it’s ALWAYS out of stock. And keep in mind that if it turns out you don’t like it, you have 15 days to return it from the time you pick it up at Walmart.

      Hope this helps. 🙂

      • I just purchased mine last weekend at Nebraska Furniture Mart. Depending on where you live you can order it online and they will ship it free if your order is over $49.00. The tablet sells for $119.00.

  3. Wal-Mart seems to be the only place right now, and as of today they list as not available. I don’t know what the difference is. Hopefully they will keep selling them. I have a question if you came across it…when you boot up the DoPo, it plays a loud welcome tone. Can you mute that? Kind of loud to turn it on in public. Thanks!

    • Trust me, Nicole, I’ve tried. That think nearly scared the life out of me when I turned it on the first time. Too bad I can’t get the regular volume to go that high when my daughter is beating her blocks against her toy piano.

      And definitely keep checking Walmart. My worry is once the word gets out, they’ll up the price of the Dopo. But if they’re smart, they’ll leave it as is and give the Kindle Fire and the Nook Tablet a little competition.

  4. I got mine about 2 weeks ago and have had no issues at all.
    I haven’t tried a NOOK casethough I’m am using the Targus VUSCAPE for Kindle Fire and it seems to fit fine but the biggest drawback is that it covers the sd port.
    I have the same problem with fat fingers compounded by age (according to my kids) so i just ordered this case/keyboard from Amazon: “DigitalMIC(TM) Artificial Leather Keyboard Case with mini-USB plug for 7 inch Tablets” so I’ll let add more when I receive it to tell you how well it works.
    Oh, a quick note for those that want the Android market on their DOPO here is the link for the forum that has the instructions and software to add it to your tablet:
    For ereading NOOK, kindle and Kobo software all work and install with no issues on the tablet as well.
    I have found that a pair of external speakers (such as those used for MP3 players) really enhance the movie watching experience.
    Thanks and I hope this help a bit to enjoy your tablet.

    • Thank you so much for you post, Antonio! Please let me know how the “DigitalMIC(TM) Artificial Leather Keyboard Case with mini-USB plug for 7 inch Tablets” turns out when you get it. I’ve been thinking about getting a keyboard for my tablet so my mom could use my DoPo, too, since her fingers are even fatter than mine. If I showed her how to use it now, she’d get frustrated before even giving it a chance.

      And thanks for the info about the Android Market, too. When I was reading the reviews on the DoPo on Walmart’s website, someone commented that it was a slight drawback that the y couldn’t access the DoPo market. Coming from an IT background, I didn’t buy that, so I’ve been searching for a way to do it, too. The forum link you have makes it sound like it’s so much easier than I had originally thought. A HUGE thank-you for that. 🙂

    • Hi,
      This tablet sounds great. I wanted a tablet in which i could install multiple e-reader platforms and from your review this is the one. Did you have to do anything extra to install Nook and Kobo? I just want to be able to download the not good with rooting and things of that sort. Thanks!

  5. My apologies to any and all for the incompleteness of my last reply.
    Firstly, I forgot to add the link for the keyboard for thos interested. I will post a followup when I get mine this week and let everyone know how it works.
    “DigitalMIC(TM) Artificial Leather Keyboard Case with mini-USB plug for 7 inch Tablets”
    Second, as I understand it the DOPO is already running a full version of Android and as such does not need to be rooted like the NOOK Color would as they have their overlay that blocks fetures installed in favor of their custom interface.
    The easist and fast way to install the Android Markrt is to download this
    Per the developers post on this file “Run the .bat if you’re on windows run the .sh if you’re on mac or linux. Will install Su, Market, and Superuser.apk and some other tools most roots include”
    Once the market is installed move the icon to your screen and you will be able to search dor the ereaders you desire and just hit the install on the market page, that’s it, and your ready to read.
    Android market will require a login to downlod just an FYI.
    The only application I highly recomend getting is a software shutdown button. I’ve noticed that my tablet will hang on shutdown using the power buttonand I have to rest i with a paperclip.
    This app that was recommened on the DOPO forum works wonderfully:
    With this my tablet shutsdown completely with reset it all the time.

    • Ok Marcia,
      I promised a reply on the keyboard case I mentioned earlier, Just received it on Wendsday and it works with very minimal setup on the tablet, you need to set the host mode on under the usb mode select in settings, after that it works great. The keyboard is responsive and the keys give an nice full push down when typing similar to the old mechanical IBM keyboards, the clips are leather (artificial) covered with 2 on the bottom and the top is spring loaded sp it raises and ho;ds the tablet secure with no movemet, I highly recomend this case for any 7″ tablet that has a micro usb connection.

      • I know this is an old post, but I’m hoping you can tell me where in settings do I find the “usb mode select” and then host mode to set so I can use the keyboard. Also, do you know what the 3 small holes above the keyboard on the right side are for? Thanks!

    • Okay! Will tis fix work with the new tablet they have. The DoPo 740. They dont make the 702 with android 2.1. Also will there be any programs to use for the keyboard?? If so will they work with Android 4.0 * Which comes on the new tablet.

  6. i have dopo tablet and really like it except somehow to day it actually ate my sd card //actually still working// i cant find my paperwork to call the company for tech support //any one have the phone number// had it since christmas cant find booklet it came with

  7. I have purchased this tablet at walmart. They no longer sell this product or anything to do with double power tech. I have recently called there tech support and they were very helpful. BECAREFUL WITH THE USB PORT IT IS VERY FRAGILE!!!! I barley tapped it and the usb port fell to peices and the HDMI doesnt work work. they told me NEVER to plug it into a Windows 7 pc. windows 7 will install a zip. file that will DESTROY the tablet But, Overall it is a VERY nice tablet. I am going to get it fixed and then buy the Keyboard!!!! IU had ever heard about that before until know!!1 Thanks!!

  8. I wanted to ask a question. I didn’t get this yet, but Im thinking of getting it. I am nine years old. Is this recommended? What I want to do on it is: Watch movies, play games, do apps, and lots more.BTW I’ve never had a tablet before.

  9. Amazon now has the Double Power T-708 and Mid-740. They cost more than @ WAlmart but they are in stock. I haven’t purchased a tablet yet but appreciate the reviews and information. Still doing my research to find the right one. Really only want to use it to play simple games, facebook, check email and that’s about it. Hate to spend a lot of money on something for the things I’m wanting to do.

  10. Best Buy is selling it online I’m not sure about in store though. I am getting one for my 11 year old and my 9 year old. I’m tired of always having to give up my laptop for their school projects and research paper and what not. Since I too am in school. I hope this works as well as everyone says it does. Thank you for all the reviews.

  11. I have ordered mine I should have it come Monday I am so excited especially with all of the great reviews. I will post more if I am happy or not with mine.

  12. This is my birthday present!…It has not yet arrived. I would like a tablet cover and or stand with keyboard . Which fits best? And I cannot wait to NOT stand in line for my laptop anymore at my home. 🙂 I so cannot wait!

  13. I ride a commuter bus, which has WiFi. This looks like it would be good for the ride to check FB, etc. Does it have any kind of word processing? I would like to be able to do some work as well, making events posters, (photos & text). Is this capable of that?

  14. I bought one of these for my 9 year old. Three months later, the tablet doesn’t work at all. I have called Double Power and gotten zero follow up or accountability from them. Perhaps the tablet I bought was a lemon and others are of better quality, however, they’re lack of support has been disheartening and perhaps an indication of their overall shoddy approach toward manufacturing and quality control.

    • Funny you should mention this. I’m working with Tech Support to get one of my DOPOs–yes, I bought two–fixed. Because of my experience with them and the device so far, I’m planning to do an update on my DOPO review. I can assure you it won’t be 4.5 out of 5 stars.

      • Its funny I bought 2 for my 10 and 11 year olds as christmas gifts and they are both having issues charging. Which im willing to blame my kids for mishandling. Bexause I toyed around with them both for 2 wks be fore I got them and thought were great and own an ipad. Considered purchasing a third to travel with. I have a protection plan onthem through walmart, but they say that should still be covered under dopo warranty, bu dopo has yet to respond to my emails and when u call the coicemail is full.

  15. Hello DOPO lovers.. or maybe not.. I am here becuase I need your honest opinion.. I have 12 year old twins.. they want Ipods. I do not want to spend that kind of money on something.. I thought a tablet would be the way to go.. Music, Internet, Photos, Research. and texting so I don’t have to pay a cell phone bill. Trying to be frugal here.. Smart mom right.. Well I have already returned 2 tablets today.. My problem was that when connecting the Trio Stealth 7 to my home laptop, it did not recognize that anything was connected so there was no way I could transfer music., the next problem was that the tablet only used amazon app store and the apps downloaded but when opening them they were not compatable becuase they ran off of there went the texting..which now leaves the tablet good for internet, and photos! Oh and the music it came pre down loaded with. SO I need to know does DOPO come with GOOGLE PLAY.. DOES DOPO allow you to transfer music from your computer and or pics or word docs? I am thinking a laptop for the kids is probably the way to go and upgrade the MP3’s.. that inexpensive tablets are only good for 3 to 4 months and then your out of luck… Can someone give me some feedback?? Pretty please Thanks

    • Hi Amanda! Check out my review below.
      I would certainly recommend the dopo tablet for your twins as they are the same age as my son and he loves his tablet.
      The tablet does have the “play store” where you can download all kinds of apps — a lot of them for free. We have transferred music and photos from our computer to our tablets. I even used my favorite pic as my home screen background/walpaper. It comes with the proper cables, but you’ll benefit from purchasing a micro-SD card to save your music and documents to (I got a micro Sd card and adapter combo pack at BigLots for $11). If you download the proper word processing app, you can work on documents on the tablet, but I have not done that personally. And I don’t know about texting with the tablet, but you can send and receive email and IMs.
      I sure hope this helps and is timely. Blessings!

  16. I just purchased this tablet. I haven’t received it yet, but I have been looking everywhere for a screen protector for it. I haven’t found one yet. Do you have one? If so, where did you get it? Thanks 🙂

  17. My family LOVES these tablets — and you CAN order them from the Double Power web site for the same price as WalMart!
    Late this past summer, I bought the $99 7-inch tablet from WalMart with the idea that if I liked it, I would buy a second one to give to my 12-year-old son so he could research homework and game cheats without having to fight with his sister over the family desktop computer that we all share (I don’t like having to take turns either!),
    I LOVED it! It is so easy to use and does everything it claims to. The screen is bright and crystal clear. I had no experience at all using this kind of device — I don’t even own a smart phone — but I had a great time learning how to use it. It is so easy!
    Unfortunately, when I went back to to purchase one for myself, they were sold out and I didn’t want to risk getting a different brand that I might not like as well, so I ordered one from the dopo website. It took longer than expected (much longer than from WalMart), but was worth the wait.
    I let my 10-year-old daughter borrow it to keep her busy while I was in a long meeting and she loved it so much that she talked me into giving it to her.
    Then, while online Christmas shopping the week of Thanksgiving, I saw the dopo tablet on sale again for $99, so I ordered myself one. To my pleasant surprise, what I got was the 9-inch tablet!!! For the same price that I had paid for the 7-inch!!!!! It works just as well as the smaller one, with a screen that just seems HUGE compared to the 7-inch. I’ll be watching u-tube videos on my awesome tablet while I do my holiday baking, present wrapping, etc. These are a truly great buy and worth every penny.

    Also, I found cheap flip stand/cases for the 7-inch tablets at BigLots (under $12). I am still looking for the right case for the 9-inch.

  18. I have the 7″ tablet, everything works great but some apps(angry birds) will not open after downloading them? When i click on the icon it just blinks for a second. The app never opens? Anyone have any suggestions?

  19. I just bought the 10″ DoPo tablet. I just love it! Does anyone know where I can buy a skin cover case or a leather/stand case for it? Thanks!

    • Hey Julie. I bought the 10″ tablet too and I have looked everywhere for the accessories. I contacted their customer service with that question. They stated since it is new product, they are not available yet. But they did say in mid to late December you would be able to find them at WalMart.

  20. My DoPo is super cool, great connection to my home wifi and I can’t wait to get it out of the house on my Boingo wifi!!! I wish if would connect to sites regular vs as a mobile device but AYE it’s a tablet! LOVE IT!
    Ms. Jai

  21. DoPo M7088 is great also – I just got one. My two kids have the 702 from last year and they are still working great. The only issue I have with the M7088 is that the Kindle app downloads but won’t transfer my books from my old device.

  22. I just one but i cant install any app on it .when ever i try to install skype or angry bird it give me and error ….why? please i need a help

  23. i just got my dopo taday from walmart this tablet is Great! my friend was going crazy he owns a samsung and he can.t belive how fast mine is and he payed twice as much if anybody has a chance to buy this tablet do it now before the price goes up you won,t be sorry. david j strang

    • David where you able to download apps from google App Store? if yes then how did you do that. please help me because I’m not able to download the app on my tablet..

      • It was already installed and on the desktop. If your already logged into google gmail account you’ll want to sign out before you try to sign into google play. Love the 10″ model!

      • go to the apps store and search the app you want to download remember you have to agree and accept and start downloading thats all you have to do i hope this helps you

  24. I bought two of the DP 711 tablets for my children for Christmas and I installed angry birds for them. Everything installed fine but now when i try to launch the application it flashes and disappears. My kids are always taking my phone to play angry birds and so this was the main reason for me getting this for them. Christmas is tomorrow and I haven’t been able to find a fix for this. Does anyone out there have any ideas on how to get this working?

    • Laura, i had the same problem and i nearly return it back to the store but it been fix.Who help me ? I just click on help on Google on the DP tablet and it showed me a page to fill in my name,gmail address and phone # and click on send .It took 10sec and i get a call from Google and they took me through 4 step ,within 5 min it was working like I PAD…lol .
      Good luck…

      • Laura and Anonymous, I have the same problem with the angry birds app, it states it downloads fine but when you click the icon it just flashes and returns to the desktop and nothing plays. My son got this tablet for christmas and that is the one game he wanted on there, so very disappointing. I contacted the google play support as anonymous said they did, but the person was unable to help me. they ended up just giving me a refund for my purchases.

  25. Hi!
    Recently I purchased the dopo tablet for my daughter and now the touchscreen is not responding. I have tried the reset as well as manufacturer reset to no avail. Tried to call cust support but have not been able to get a hold of them (busy signal). Has anyone else experienced something similar and if so, how was it resolved?


    • I have the same problem. My sons screen quit responding. I aslo bought the 2 yr warranty with his. Contacted them by email and they told me it would have to be repaired because it sounded like a faulty screen and asked if I’d like to get started. That was on December 24th they told me that. Not heard back from them since. I’ve emailed numerous times and called them. countless times. Got nowhere. So, reported them to Better Business Bureau. Waiting to hear response. So far, I do not like this company at all.

  26. If there is a picture, try plugging a mouse into the usb port. Then go to your settings and there should be a factory reset. This should be different than reseting using That tiny hole. Good luck!

  27. I bought 3 dobo’s for my three kids this past christmas and have had nothing but trouble. The first one I had to use my warranty because after 2 days the screen was messed up but just refunded me my money and I had to buy one more expensive, not happy at all. Now the second one will not take charge. I didnt realize that I only bought one warranty so I had to get in touch with the manufactor. I have been calling for a week just to be informed to leave a message or email. I have done both several times and no reply. I am very dissapointed and do not reccommend this product to anyone.

    • I cannot get a hold of them either. I purchased an accessory on January 7th. I have followed up with phone calls and emails and no one answers! I want my money bank through Paypal! Jerks!

  28. Just got Friday charged it but can’t figure what I’m doing wrong my second tablet.Got the supernova 8 no problem downloading this I can’t get the hang of won’t download at all

  29. don,t understand some of these people i own a 10-10 dopo no problem my friend has a samsung imprested with mine for the price good wfi games no problem 2 cameras music downloads fast!!!!!!!!!!! great tablet love mine p.s the price on this model has gone up!!!!!

  30. Just picked up the DA-988 from Sears for $99, too good of a deal to pass up.. so far it works great and I cannot find anything to hate about it, except maybe the wifi receiver is a little weak. Will post another update later.

  31. I in addition to my friends appeared to ensue following the excellent guides originate proceeding your locate although at after I had a terrible impression I on no account thanked the website owner for them. Every of the boys happened to live so warmed to study every of them and already have absolutely been loving these things. Many thanks for undeniably heart accordingly cooperative and also representing opting for this classify of smart in a row millions of individuals are truly wanting to live aware of. Our own sincere apologies for not expressing appreciation to sooner.

  32. I had the DOPO MD-702 but, Had to get it replaced the Charger unit dislodged. Double Power Upgraded my replacement to the MD-740 (trash talk ’em, you’ll get the new one). I love it! The updated Firmware on their website DOES NOT work. :/. That is only for Netflix issue’s though. Has anyone had any luck at Rooting this device? I have heard that the Firmware is a copied version. From a different tablet. This tablet does have a recovery mode! I goggled “how to root dopo md 740”. Clicked on the first or second one (one of the top SlateDroid’s) and I found it in there! This tablet is really great. It does come with Google Market, Which updates to Play Store on first WiFi connection. 1gb on board and 4gb SD Card. I have also heard that the 1gb on board is just a regular SD CARD. However I am not going to rip open my device and check. If that is the case, this tablet should be VERY upgradable to a 64 sd card!! If you have heard/know anything about that, Please reply!!!!!!!!
    Also, Anyone found any car chargers for this yet?

  33. I was thinking of getting a couple of these because of the groupon offer running currently ($83.99), but am not going to after having read some of the reviewers’ comments on here. Glad I checked; thanks Marcia, for doing this, and can’t wait for your updated review. My reasons for walking away:
    – I have the un-Midas touch when it comes to electronics… I’m not saying that these tablets are all bad, but they apparently aren’t mostly reliable either, and if anything can go wrong, it will, in my case
    – in the event that it does go wrong, it doesn’t seem like there post-sales support is very good either… I looked the company up, and while it is officially registered in Ontario CA, I’m not convinced the manufacturing is performed within the Americas (check out:
    – The commenter “david” sounds suspiciously like a company spokesperson and, IMHO, lends further credence to the aforementioned speculation (anyone who doesn’t list any drawbacks, uses superlatives, gushes about a product and then urges you to buy it right away is usually selling, rather than reviewing)
    – Sang Togni seems to be doing the same, except he seems to be using a translator that seems to perform worse than the tablets in question
    – finally, reviews on other sites aren’t exactly glowing either (an instance:

    I’ll end with a quip often erroneously attributed to Mark Twain: I’d’ve written a shorter comment, had I more time 🙂 Thanks, Marcia for saving me $168 🙂

    – raj

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    knows what they’re talking about on the internet. You definitely realize how to bring an issue to
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  35. Hi
    I bought a dopo 7″ tablet but I can’t get the downloads to be transferred to the sd card can u tell me what to do because I’ve tried everything and it’s not giving me the option to move to the card

  36. Bought 2 of the double power 7in for Christmas, started having trouble with the chargers a couple days later, would not charge the tablet, connected them to an LG quick charger that goes to my LG G2 phone and now they charge great with no problems and they charge in about 1 hour, so if you are having trouble with the chargers buy a good quick charger that fits and the charging problem will go away.

  37. The DOPO double power tablet suck anyone planning on buying them need not to you will be very disappointed.Go for something else not worth your money,time nothing

  38. Evil company. The first time I left the charger on for a long time it actually physically burned up the device onboard power supply. did not reply to my e-mail requesting an adjustment (it was out of warranty). This is reason number 1 not to buy the T-711. Reason number 2 is that it is much slower than, for example, a Nexus 7 Generation 1. Reason 3 is that with only 512 MB of RAM and no caching it will be limited to about 50 apps fewer than you will want to have. (You’ll have to start out by installing a better browser and a better keyboard.)

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