Cover Art Epiphany

In case you haven’t checked out my website, I have a cover for Hazardous Environment and it looks great!  Honestly, I’m totally in love with it.  😀  But…when my mom and I started talking about when I was going to release HE, she said, “Your cover looks wonderful!  It looks just like your last one that lousy publisher released.”

Wow.  😦  Mom really has a way with words.  She didn’t mean any harm by it, I assure you.  But, she knows my frustrations that I’ve had with Parker and has been witness to them for more than a year now.  She knows exactly how I feel about them, a tenth of what I’ve expressed on this blog.

One of goals this year is not to carry any baggage into the new year.  To start it fresh.  I can’t do that with a cover that reminds me of them.  *sobbing*  So to my heart’s break, I decided to get a new cover.  The only thing is the cover funds for HE are dried up.  Each book has one chance and that’s it.   So, that meant coming up with a new one on my own.

I’m going to duck and cover now in case you guys think that I’ve lost my mind and I should stick to writing.  But I have to admit, nothing says paranormal romance like a guy kissing a girl while submerged in blood and surrounded by claw marks.  😈

One more thing.  The quote is an original from ParaNormal Romance for Seduction on the Prowl.  I want to make that clear, since this is pretty much the same storyline with about 75% of it rewritten.

Here’s the new blurb, too…

Root woman Donna Tucker made a mistake. A person died on her watch, not thanks to tainted roots and herbs that  were meant to heal. Now she must trace her steps to where her stash came from and stop a modern-day plague from  destroying a small town.

She’s not going alone.

Werecheetah Ronan McCleary would rather see her pay for killing his coalition’s matriarch than to accompany her  anywhere. He believes she’s responsible and the only thing this trip is doing is delaying the inevitable. Her death.

But death is hunting them both.

The residents of Seclusion, North Carolina have an unseen force in the midst that has control over the town’s most  influential people. There are those who’ll do anything–kill anyone–to keep the secret of the Davenport Foundation. A  lowly root woman and her werecheetah companion are no match for them. And they won’t be unless they can put their  differences aside and work together to survive the night. Of course, that would mean having to survive each other as  their hearts brave a HAZARDOUS ENVIRONMENT.

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