Do NOT Buy This Book – Recap

You remember this post, right?  It goes with the picture on the right.  Well, I’m here to tell you that nothing has changed.  The book is still up for sale, even though I’ve contacted Barnes and Noble to let them know that Parker doesn’t own the rights to it, and therefore, it shouldn’t be up for sale.  Goes to show you where my pleas have fallen on.

Let’s get something straight.  I’m pissed as hell and I blame Parker Publishing for this.  I’ve known from day one that they were behind this, but was holding on to last hope that they’d do the right thing.  Apparently, that’s beyond them.  At this point, I’m not sure if they’re doing anything to resolve it, since they’re pocketing something off it.  I’ll be lucky if I get crickets.  Considering how much self-publishing has opened up, Parker might want to think twice about treating authors like shit.  We’ve got too many options to make money without you taking a cut.

This has been a long time coming.  Too long, in fact.  Rather than answer questions about this publisher behind the scenes like I’ve been doing in the past, I’m going to be upfront.  Stay away from Parker Publishing!  😡  If you’re an author who has had a much better experience with them, then more power to you and I wish you all the best.  Others of us haven’t been so lucky.

As in every business, you have to chalk certain things up as a loss, which is what I’m doing for Seduction on the Prowl and Unstable Environment.  My royalty statements are crap that I could’ve easily doctored and printed off to send to a naive idiot like myself.  Even worse, the two years that I have are exactly the same with only the date being different.  I doubt I’ll get a royalty statement for 2011 and if I do, it’ll probably look exactly like the last two.  At this point, I don’t know if my books have made money and don’t really care.  I just want to warn other authors about Parker and that you take your career in your hands if you decide to publish with them.

Another thing that pissed me off was I learned about them going digital first via a freakin’ newsletter.  A newsletter!  My editor or publisher should’ve been the first to tell their authors about this business decision, seeing as it affected all of us.  Instead, they did it without warning.  When I asked my editor about it, she referred me to Miriam, the publisher.  If that wasn’t enough, I didn’t know Seduction on the Prowl was even published until after I had my baby.  No release date whatsoever so I could prepare for it.  I got a message that it was up for sale.  That pissed me off big time because I hadn’t even received my royalty check for it yet and Parker was already making money off it.

Seduction should’ve gone to print, but hadn’t.  Whenever I asked about it, I was referred to the Miriam again.  It was like my editor knew that question was coming, but wanted no parts in answering it.  Gee, I can’t imagine why, since you, Parker, had already breached our publishing contract.

As I write this, I’ve written a grievance to RWA, hoping they will do something about them.  I don’t know what the procedure is from this point on, but I’m hoping there is one.  I’m not looking to get any money owed to me, as much as I’m hoping that Parker makes nothing off me or anyone else who has been burned by them.  And trust me, there are a lot.  If you don’t believe me, there’s a reason why those authors who started out with them are no longer with them.

You’re probably wondering why I chose to wait until now to say something, not that there’s any statute of limitation on things like this.  When you’re a writer, you get it drilled into your skull that if you complain, you’ll be blacklisted or marked as a complainer and nobody will publish you.  Not only that, but other writers will turn on you and agents won’t want you because you’ve tarnished your career.

Well, I’m calling bullshit on all of that foolishness.  I don’t care about what other writers or agents, those who still buy into the blacklist crap, say.  Plus, I have two publishers (Samhain Publishing and Double Dragon eBooks) that are just fine, very fair, and easy to work with.  They actually COMMUNICATE with their authors and encourage us to talk to them.  All I ever got from Parker was silence.  Well, I’m not going to be silent anymore and any publisher who puts me on the fictitious “black list” is not the publisher for me.  And since I’m self-publishing these days, I really don’t give a rat’s  blue balls.

*Back to my regularly scheduled writing time*


7 thoughts on “Do NOT Buy This Book – Recap

  1. Someone in the IRI group recently sent a legal cease an desist notice to a publisher. I can’t recall who. Maybe Bente Gallagher or Norah Wilson? You should go on IRI and ask about it. It might have happened just before you joined.

    I don’t blame you for being pissed. I would be too.

  2. Thanks for the tip, Edie. I didn’t think about a cease and desist order. That’s going to be my next step, if this isn’t resolved soon. Talk about feeling like you’re being robbed. Heck, I’m being pirated by my own so-called publisher.

  3. Wow, I thought after being called out, Parker would come to their senses. No such luck I see. Thanks so much for telling the truth about Parker. As a aspiring novelist, I’ve been checking out a lot of publishers.

    Honestly Parker wasn’t one of the publishers on my radar since I write straight u Urban Fantasy but, I’m glad you’ve let other writers know.

    Publishers like that need to be blacklisted!

    • That’s how it is with them, Melissa. Silence. The lesson here is no matter how much you research a company and do all of the right things like contacting their authors to see if their repetable, it doesn’t always pay off. Thank God, I had the sense enough to hire an IP lawyer to keep the damages to a minimum.

  4. Sorry, mama. That sounds terribly. It’s funny or weird, but the bit that really annoys me is the fact that they told you about going digital via a newsletter; that’s pretty crappy.

    I pray this is solved soon.

    • Oh, Magaly, you have no idea how much that annoyed the heck out of me. As one of their authors, I deserve more. That’s like a husband learning his wife is pregnant after she’s had the baby.

  5. Sorry to hear that, Marcia. I hope everything is resolved and that they do pay you something.

    I love the rant part though. Too funny and well-deserved. 🙂

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