Merrying the Christmas Around My House

It’s been a little longer than normal between posts this go around.  I blame it on the holidays getting in the way.  There was also an issue with a hot water heater the cost me 6 days of wasted time and $1000 because my old wiring and stuff had to be brought up to code.  Talk about a pain in the wallet.  So, no Nook Tablet for me this holiday season.  😦  But, Little Bit will have her Christmas no matter what and that’s all that matters.

As for other news, I’ll be handing over Hazardous Environment to my editor around the first of the year.  I just need to tie up some loose ends and it’s a done deal.  I also found a beta reader, who I can’t wait to hand over HE to and get his feedback.   He’s reading a free copy (email me at marciacolette AT gmail DOT com and I’ll give you one, too) of that other book and wants to do a comparison.  I’m so hoping that HE stomps it into the ground.  I’m having a blast with this book.  The twists and turns are even taking me by surprise. Yes, the twists and turns.  I say that because more than 70% of it has been rewritten now.  There will probably be some more, since I have some polishing left to do.

The next book I’ll be working on will be Skinned.  That story has been swirling around in my head for a while now, which usually mean something good is brewing.  😀

So as we sit around the house and wait for Santa to arrive, I want to wish you and yours a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.   May your stockings be filled with joy and your hearts with peace.  May you not wonder whether or not the mall Santa Claus has a police record as long as your stocking when you see him shaking his leg like either he has to go to the bathroom or he’s bored.  May your relatives be content with their Christmas cards, seeing as you contributed their gift money to the  Hot Water Heater fund.  May you laugh at your little one when he/she decides to use the Christmas tree ornaments for batting practice.

Ah, the joys of Christmas.  🙂

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