Do NOT Buy This Book!

Seduction should have been taken down because the rights reverted back to me MONTHS ago! I have both an email and a reversion letter to prove it, assuming they’d stand up in a court of law.

I discovered this “discrepancy” while doing a search on my name on Barnes and Noble for all of my books.  Google proved it’s listed on Fictionwise, too.  So if you want to do a good deed this Christmas, DO NOT buy Seduction.  I won’t see any royalties from it.  I didn’t think I’d need a Google Alert for Seduction, but you can bet I have one now.

I’m trying really hard not to get upset by this. 😡  I’m hoping it’s truly a mistake.  Thankfully, Parker is now working to have it taken down.  But seriously, this should NEVER have happened.  Good thing I slept on this or hellfire and brimstone would have been shooting out of the original post I had planned.

I know businesses are trying to get their stockings stuffed since they know December will be the largest ebook-buying season ever, thanks to skyrocketing tablet and ereader sales.  But I don’t want anyone making money off my work when said work hasn’t been approved for release by me.  The copyright owner.  If you want a copy of Seduction, email me and I’ll give it to you for free.  We’ll call it the “Email Me” contest with an unlimited number of prize giveaways.

And if you think this will stop me from releasing Hazardous Environment (basically, it’s Seduction that’s more than 50% rewritten) you couldn’t be more wrong.  HE will be release no later than the end of January 2012 (if not sooner) whether this book is on the virtual book shelf or not.  Period.

That’s all I have to say about that.

Update (12/9/2011):  OMG!  The price has gone up on Seduction.  I could’ve sworn it was $6.99 yesterday.  Someone is trying really hard to make a buck.  Grrrrrrrrr.


2 thoughts on “Do NOT Buy This Book!

  1. Wow Marcia! I hope you get this situation worked out soon. I will not order this book like you said. I want my girl to get paid for her work! Sorry to hear this happened. 😦

  2. Wow! That’s so infuriating! No wonder you were so angry. Not only will you not see any royalties from it, but you don’t want it to negate all the hard work you’ve done on revisions. Good luck getting it taken down.

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