My Best Week of 2011

I’ve been silent on the blog for good reason.  I spent the last week with family visiting us here in North Carolina.  To top it off, it was also my big brother’s birthday, which we also had fun celebrating.  It was even funnier to watch Little Bit try to pick the letters off everyone’s cake because she wanted to play with them.  We learned never leave your cake unattended around my youngling.  😆

It was great seeing my brother and his niece interact.  Of course, she was afraid of him.  Then, she started warming up to giving him with handshakes, hugs, and eventually letting him hold her.  Seeing how fast she took to his significant other was another story.  It took her about 30 minutes while my brother was more like 3 days.  What can I say?  My little one has very discerning tastes.  😉

Mom and I think he and his significant other will move from upstate NY to somewhere in the south very soon.  I don’t know for sure because it’s really up to him.  I’m keeping my fingers crossed because I love my big bro very much and miss him.

So now that I have that out of the way, here are my highlights from the past week.

  • Bad news: Hazardous Environment won’t be released this month.  I’m horribly behind on polishing it, which means it hasn’t even seen an editor yet.  I don’t put anything out without an editorial view first.  Oh, and I should add that HE is late because the story is about 60% changed from the first time it was published.  I have a feeling it might be more than that when all is said and done.
  • Good news: I have a book cover for HE, which I’ll be sharing soon.  😀  Jax did another fantastic job with it, just as she did with Unstable Environment.
  • I’m having Laura Morrigan help me spruce up the Dusk Till Dawn website with a new banner, so I can’t wait to see how that looks.
  • My brain has latched onto an idea for Silent Scream (Bittersweet #2).  If it continues to cultivate, I might have to answer the call of the muse and start working on it instead of Disappearance Hall or Skinned.  But we’ll see.  I’d really like to get Skinned and Disappearance Hall done.
  • I can’t remember if I had mentioned this or not, but I’ll be reading at Lady Jane’s Salon RDU in January and I can’t wait.  *big cheesy grin*
  • I’m thinking about putting out some novellas or short stories for some of the books I’ve already released.  When I’ll have time for all of this?  Again…it’s anyone’s guess.  I just know I’ll be busy for the next couple of months.  😉

2 thoughts on “My Best Week of 2011

  1. Fantastic! New stories to look forward to! That and a kick in the butt for me just reading all you can accomplish in a very short time. Of course you do that for me all the time. I suspect I owe you 🙂

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