Deadlier by the Dozen – Available in PRINT!

Get your copy here!  Actually, the print version was available this past Saturday.  However, when I’m on vacation, I make it a point to do as little work as possible.  Since the proof arrived before I left for Myrtle Beach on Friday, I sneaked on the internet at the hotel (before everyone else woke up)and approved the book for print.

All in all, I think Deadlier by the Dozen came to print faster than any book I’ve put out so far.  The more print I do, the more comfortable I’m getting with the process.  Then again, Create Space makes it so easy that the hardest part is creating my own cover flat.  Now that I have a simple format that works for me, I just reuse it over and over again.  Plus, it keeps the continuity with the rest of the books that come out via Dusk Till Dawn Books.  Unfortunately, all of this experimenting means I’ll probably have to upload new covers.  It also means until my print versions come out of the 1,000,000+ ranks, I won’t be convinced to move on it that fast either.  Besides, I’d rather be writing than publishing.  😉

Before  forget THANK YOU to everyone who’s enjoyed Deadlier by the Dozen so far.  I’ve been getting some great compliments with this book and I couldn’t be more thrilled.  😀

So, how was your weekend?



2 thoughts on “Deadlier by the Dozen – Available in PRINT!

  1. Mr. Konka (my Kindle) is giving me dirty looks because he knows I’ll buy the print even though I have the ebook.

    I enjoyed it so much Marcia. I think my eyes widened with every page. I was surprised and I liked it. And I have image of the spiderwoman in my mind 😉

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