Cancer Sucks

No, I don’t have cancer.  At least, not that I know of since my physical this past July.  But, I have friends who suffer from it and I worry about the day when I might see an email or posting on a group blog that they’ve died of this horrendous disease.

Two things are happening this week.  First, Heather McCollum has been recently diagnosed with ovarian cancer.  If you’ve met Heather, then you know she is as sweet as they come.  She’s a Golden Heart finalist and writes amazing stories for Wild Rose Press.  It broke something inside me the day she told my HCRW chapter about her battle.  Authors rallied around her for support, so I’m throwing my ovaries into the mix, too.  You see, there’s an Ovarian Cancer Run/Walk happening this weekend.  As much as I guard my weekend with my life because those are the only times I get to spend full days with my dumpling, I have to do the walk.  For Heather, if nothing else. My little one is too young to understand the Shout Against the Whisper, but someday I hope she will when she has a friend who’s in need.

The second thing happening this week is the celebratory release of Entangled.  All of the proceeds will go to the Breast Cancer Research Fund, another cause that deserves a round of applause.  My wonderful Edie Ramer is a survivor of breast cancer.  My friend Liz Kreger is currently fighting it, and dammit, she’s going to win.  I’ve purchased my copy of Entangled and can’t wait to dive into it.  I’ve read previous books from more than half of these fabulous authors and have yet to be disappointed.

So if you’d like to help either one of these causes, then donate to cancer research today.  Even better, buy a book.  🙂


2 thoughts on “Cancer Sucks

  1. Marcia, thanks so much for the shout out! I think the same thing about Liz. She’s my hero. I’ll see her in two days, too, at our chapter meeting and lunch after. Lucky me.

    I just saw another post about Heather. Liz calls cancer a rat-bastard, and it sure is. I hope Heather stomps her rat-bastard, too.

    Enjoy Entangled! I’m guessing you’ll find a couple new favorite writers. 🙂

    • It’s the least I can do for my awesome friends. When you see Liz, give her a big hug from me and Little Bit. I’d give anything to do it in person.

      Both of these ladies are going to slam the trap down on the rat-bastard. I don’t care what anyone says.

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