Deadlier by the Dozen is Available!

Deadlier by the Dozen is available at both Smashwords and Barnes & Noble!  I’m thrilled beyond all belief.  In fact, I was a little shocked that after being up less than an hour, three people had already purchased a copy.  At Smashwords, no less.  My sales at Smashwords are a lot like everyone else’s.  Abysmal.  Nonetheless, I’m not complaining.  I love every sale that I make, regardless of where it comes from.  🙂  So to those of you who had gotten there before I could make the announcement official, THANK YOU!!

Notice I didn’t say anything about Amazon.  There’s a reason for that.  It takes a while for a book to get up there.  Even worse, I realized after I had pushed the Publish button that I had uploaded the wrong copy of Dx12.  Not that it won’t work, but the Amazon folks won’t like it–and I don’t blame them–if there’s a mention of Smashwords anywhere on the copyright page.  There are three.  😦  So, once they’re done rejecting it, I’ll upload the right version, and it’s another waiting game again at that point.  So for any Kindle users out there, I’m sincerely sorry about that kerfuffle.  Dx12 is coming.  I swear it.

So when does print version come?  I started designing the cover flat today and my interior file has already been already converted into a .pdf format.  So if all goes well, I’ll be able to upload my files to CreateSpace for review some time this week.  That doesn’t mean the print version will be ready by weekend.  I’ll be extremely lucky if I even get the proof by then.  So, plan for the end of the month for the print version.  I’ll keep you guys posted.

And for some other cool news…how do you like my new website?  😀  Some new things I’ve added: Facebook and Twitter links and an FAQ section.  I’ve taken off my Links page because I pretty much have all of the links I visit and love on my blog, so no need to have them in two places. Also, I’ve taken off my Multi-verse page because I think the FAQ is more fun and goes into better details.  These are legit questions that I’ve been fielding for a while now, so I’ve decided to consolidate them.  Another cool feature is if you click on the book covers or the excerpt links on my Bookshelf page, you’ll not only get an excerpt, but you’ll get some stats to go along with the book.  How many times have you’ve forgotten a character and end up tearing apart your brain to remember their name?  I know I certainly do, even with my own characters.  I’m thinking of expanding on the stats, so if you guys have any ideas, let me know.

Hope you’ve had as great a weekend as I have!

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