Saturday Plans

I just finished editing/tuning the first few chapters of Hazardous Environment and I think I’ve settled into the pacing.  The plot is relatively the same, albeit the characters are a tad different (the Osborne sisters are apothecaries) and so is the premise.  I was able to trim away a lot of excess junk that I didn’t need and speed things up.  Rereading this book makes me wonder why people ever bought it in the first place.  But then again, authors are hard on themselves like that.  I think this version is going to be much better than its previous incarnation and I can’t wait until it’s done.  My goal is to release Hazardous Environment by the end of next month, just in time for Halloween.  Woohoo!

As for other plans, they include going to the hairdresser, a trip to Monkey Joe’s, and hitting up Best Buy for the Labor Day sales.  I’m still on the prowl for a tablet and I refuse to pay more than $150 for it.  So needless to say, the iPad is out of the running.  Too bad I can’t get my hands on one of those über cheap HP Touchpads.

Oh, and before I forget, I’ve seen the preliminary cover for Deadlier by the Dozen and it’s uh-mazing!  I’ll share it with you as soon as it’s done.  My final edits are in, so I only have to look them over before getting it ready for publication.  So my goal is to have that all done by next weekend.  A huge thanks to Laura Morrigan for the cover art and Kara Malinczak for the edits.  Just like Jaxadora Designs and Hazard Editing, I highly recommend these ladies.  Now that I have backup editors and cover artists that I trust with my work, all is right in my indie world.  😉

What’s your Saturday looking like?


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