Me? Write a Series?

I don’t know if I’m going to do another Bittersweet book again.

Let’s face it. I’m more comfortable with writing stand-alone novels than I am with writing a series.  That goes against everything that urban fantasy has been built on.  It’s like a must in this genre that you stay within your main character for a series of books before you venture outside of him/her.  Unfortunately, my attention span doesn’t work like that.  It likes to try new and different things and explore different characters (i.e. Dark Encounters series).
That’s why it took me 4 years to write another book about Alexa (Half Breed and Stripped) and more than a year to realize that a third book for her wasn’t happening.  Yet, no matter how much I loved that world, I needed something new and different, which is why I started on a book for Genevieve, her older sister.
Honestly, I don’t know how other writers can write about the same characters day in and day out for 5+ books and never get bored.  I’m humbled by their brilliance.  But if you ask me to do it, you’re lucky if you get 1 good book out of the bunch.  This is one reason why I stopped pursuing the ever elusive NY contract.  I know what my strengths are and anything other than a loosely connected series isn’t one of them, even if I flesh out enough of an overarching plot to get through me a couple of books.  At least with romances, after the characters fall in love, that’s pretty much the end of their book.  I like the concept.  Kelley Armstrong keeps her series fresh by switching to different character view points every couple of stories.  That’s probably why I’m such a fangirl.
So what does this mean for Bittersweet and the others?  It means if I feel the urge, I’ll write that second book.  I’m just saying don’t look for it anytime soon.
What about you?  Have you guys ever been bored with a series, even though everyone else raved about it?

7 thoughts on “Me? Write a Series?

  1. You just made me feel like less of a writer freak lol. I like short shorts. So much that I’ve worked every chapter to read like a short story. It is still the same character throughout my WIP, but chapters feel very independent.

    I love Sherrilyn Kenyon for the same reason you like Kelly Armstrong. Look at the Dark Hunter and the Were Hunter series, she has different characters every time and I love it.

    Anyhoo, Neil Gaiman, for instance stays out of serialized worked in his prose and I drool after their books.

    And on the Bittersweet bit, I want another book, just because I’m selfish lol. Why not jump into the head of another character? There is that young witch *cough, cough* who I’m sure wants to avenge her mentor and has a bone to pick with a few hags. I’m just saying…. 😉

    • 😆 If you’re a writer freak, then I’m a lunatic. Have you thought about just calling your WIP an anthology? Althought, that’s usually with different characters. The way I look at it, if it works for you, then let it ride, girlfriend.

      Oh, and YES to Sherrilyn Kenyon. She is the reason why I love love love paranormal romance. Her characters are amazing. If I could do what she does, only with urban fantasy, I’d be in heaven.

      And as for Bittersweet, I have toyed with the idea of doing a novella for the next book. That way, it doesn’t seem as daunting. That’s why I don’t want to completely rule it out either. Like you said, a certain young witch has a bone to pick…though I have a feeling she’ll pick it at Phaedras new school. 😉

  2. I wrote a 2nd book for my best-selling book, Dead People, but I didn’t like it and will have to write a different one. In the meantime, I needed to put something out, so I took out Galaxy Girls, which I’d written more than a year before, read it, fell in love with it. I think this will be a hit, and I’m working on a stand-alone sequel to it now. A novella, though, because I do feel a need to get more out fast.

    After that, I’ll probably do another GG book, then write that Dead People book. I do think that if I’d had another Dead People book out, I might have a popular series. One of these days I’ll write another Dragon book, too.

    I think if I alternate and do stand-alones, with different main characters in each book, I won’t get bored writing them.

    • I know EXACTLY what you mean by DP2. That was how I felt about my first attempt as SKINNED. It wasn’t working for me until I changed the main character and now it’s really flowing for me. You were smart to put GG out when you did because that is one smokin’ book. I don’t care if GG is a novella or a short story. More would be nice. 😀

      Oh, and I’m totally in agreement with Magaly. More Dead People would totally make my day as would another Dragon book. *salivating* Honestly, Edie, I’m scatching my head to the point that I’m digging holes at why nobody in NY scooped you up. Oh well. It’s our gain. 🙂

      I think if I alternate and do stand-alones, with different main characters in each book, I won’t get bored writing them.

      Same here. That’s why I’m turned SKINNED into Genevieve’s book instead of Alexa’s. I *needed* something different.

      • You have to do what is comfortable for you. As a reader, I love series. (Kat Richardson, Kim Harrison, L A Banks) But, you can’t write a series just for NY. You have to love doing it. If you don’t, the reader will know.

        • Exactly. That can’t be said enough regardless of where you’re at in your writing career. The last person you want to figure out that you’re as tired of a series as they are is the reader.

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