The Spider Inside Her – COVER ART!

Coming June 28, 2011

So what do you guys think?  I fell in love with the original stockart image and knew I had to have it for one of my books.  But which one?  I didn’t share a lot of images with Jax because I wasn’t sure what I wanted myself.  This was the last one in my arsenal and I trusted Jax to make it look creepy though the original image isn’t.

I like the way the water sort of weaves a web around the woman.  Water–to me–represents purity and innocence, which describes my heroine.  She didn’t do anything wrong.  And yet, something–the spider–is about to gauge the innocence right out of her.  Why?  Well, like the spider said to the fly, “Because it’s in my nature.”  That’s the vengeance code my arachnid persona lives by in The Spider Inside Her.  😈

3 thoughts on “The Spider Inside Her – COVER ART!

    • OMG! Jax is the bomb. I love it! I agree with Edie, it is striking. The water droplets forming a web around the woman’s body is pure genius. And yeah, the shadow spider adds just the right amount of creepiness. Definitely gives it an urban fantasy feel.

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