ConCarolinas Wrap-Up

OMG!  I’m actually going to give you guys a report on my convention festivities.  It’s a miracle.  Or it could be that I was smart this timed took off Monday from the day job so that I could recuperate.  😉


I had a blast I love love love this convention and it’s one of those that get better and better every year.  So many faces and so many cool people to see.  The ConCarolinas folks really know how to put on a 3-day party that you’ll never forget.  I can’t thank them enough for having me as a guest.  I got a chance to see all of the folks from Magical Words and hang out with the fabulous Nicole Givens Kurtz, who is also the founder of Mocha Memoirs Press.  Oh, and even though she wasn’t a guest this year, she was last year.  I’m talking about the uber-sensational Alexandra Christian and Sabrina Luna.  And how could I forget lovely Carrie Ryan, Gail Z. Martin, Rachel Aaron, Kalayna Price, and JF Lewis?

As for the panels themselves, Twlight: Love It or Hate It went over pretty well.  We all hated it.  Some more than others.  And even better, I think I found more reasons to not like the series.  BUT…I want to be clear about one thing.  Stephanie Meyer did a lot for the YA genre.  She opened the door for authors who might not otherwise have books on the shelves today.  Thanks to her, I found authors like Richelle Mead, PC Cast, and Carrie Ryan (yeah, she get s a double-plug *g*).  For that, I give Ms. Meyer my utmost respect and gratitude.  Oh, and I can’t wait to read the high fantasy she’s planning, too.

The Scariest Movie I Ever Saw was good.  I think we covered The Exorcist pretty well.  About 30+ minutes worth, if not.  That wasn’t my scariest though.  Since Alien had already been taken, I had to go with Amityville Horror (not the Ryan Reynolds remake).

Magic in the City was fun!  I hate moderating, but my panelists made it easy: Carrie Ryan, J. F. Lewis, Kalayna Price, Jana Oliver, Pamela K. Kinney, Gail Z. Martin.  Not only that, but I like audience participation, so I made sure to throw one of those out there.  Basically, we talked about UF trends (a favorite of mine), so I as far as I’m concerned, I got the easiest panel of the entire convention.

The Art of the Book Cover was one of those panels where I gave something and took something away.  Rachel Aaron provided the NY prospective while I did the small press and self-published one.  My bottom line: don’t rely solely on stock art.  Rely on a cover artist to beef it up and make it special.  Oh, and we had the privilege of seeing some still of cover art provided by Justin Kates.  This guy’s work is AMAZING.  Just…wow.

Howling at the Moon was my last panel and I’m pretty sure it ended on a bang.  If you weren’t there, you missed a lot.  In fact, you missed some…interesting…facts about The Spider Inside Her.  Like how my research played a part in my characters.  How I became completely red-faced and embarrassed about webs shooting out of unmentionable orifices.  How I think tree people eating travelers through the woods would make a great horror story.  There was also the background into why I wrote this book, which I had never shared with anyone in person.  I might have mentioned the story behind the story on my blog, but actually saying it out loud was incredibly difficult.  But the aftermath of the panel is was floored me the most.  At least a dozen people asked me when the book was going to be out or if it was out already because they wanted a copy.

Oh, and before I forget, a huge thank-you to Wayne and Nikki.  Fans like you are the reasons why I love attending sci-fi/fantasy conventions.  And for the life of me, if I could remember the cool chick with the Star Wars hat who sat in the back of the room at Howling at the Moon, that was a REALLY cool hat.  I had to do a double-take when you walked into the room.  😉

I am so at ConCarolinas 2012.  😀


4 thoughts on “ConCarolinas Wrap-Up

  1. How cool! It sounds exhausting though. I was wondering how any one person could appear on so very many panels and not wind up hoarse, and then I thought—it’s Marcia! I bet you not only talked a mile a minute the entire while, but that your audience laughed themselves silly, having such a great time. Glad to hear it was such a success on so many levels. (And glad to hear of the opinion of Twilight.)

  2. It was great to see you. I agree, this is one of my very favorite cons and it is all to do with the awesome people–both guests and attendees!


  3. You got to hang out with the guys from Magical Words? Wow! I am glad you had a blast. I actually had taken off and planned to go but, my babies had EOG testing. So, I had to cancel. I see you also got to hang with Kalayna, just watched a video she put up over at Magical Words, she seems like she would be fun to hang out with. Maybe one day everything will fall into place for me and the girls to attend.

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