Muse Gifts

I had gotten my edits back from my editor for The Spider Inside Her (Dark Encounters #1).  These are my final edits, by the way.  But instead of working on them, I decided to work on Deadlier by the Dozen, which is book #2 in my Dark Encounters series.  You see, the timing is really good because I’m having my cover artist put some stuff together for the TSIH cover, so it’s not ready yet.  Why bother working on a book when there isn’t a cover?  And since I want to release Dx12 shortly after, I really need to work on that book.

Yesterday morning, I had reached an important conversation  between my heroine and her aunt that didn’t come over as I had planned.  There were bits and pieces of it that bothered me and dragged out the story.  There were also parts that didn’t add much either.  So, I shortened and focused it more on the problem at hand and not secondary issues.  As a result of careful trimming and focusing more on the pertinent stuff, I LOVE it now!!  It knotted up a bunch of loose ends and had given both my heroine and me a couple of important a-ha moments.  For once, the scene didn’t stop me the way it used it.  In fact, it riveted my writing…and hopefully the reading.

I wasn’t expecting that, which made me feel like the muse had given me a gift.  I thank her big-time for it.

Off to make up some hamburger for grilling.  We’re going to the park later on, which is a first for me.  We don’t usually grill in the park, let alone eat there because of the dog-crap scent that travels on the wind.  But that was back in NY.  Hopefully, NC’s leash laws have made it more bearable.  😉

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