The Spider Inside Her and Bittersweet Updates

I’m only halfway through the week and so far it’s been great.  This past weekend, I tore through more than 110+ pages of revisions for The Spider Inside Her.  I hadn’t done that in so long that I forgot what it felt like.  Better than sex, if you ask me.  😀  Yeah, I ain’t gettin’ none.  But that’s beside the point.  😆  I have about 50 pages left, which I plan to finish this weekend and hopefully send off the entire manuscript to my editor next week.  If all goes well, TSIH could be available as early as the first week of May.

That’s not the only TSIH news.  I might have a cover to show you soon.  I was looking at some really cool stock art and started playing around with it on my older version of Dreamweaver to get some ideas of I wanted.  By the time I finished, I came up with a really cool cover on my own.  I still want to play around with it before I decide whether or not to use it.  An artist, I am not.  But, I really like what I’ve done so far.  😀

But…that’s not the only cover art news.  Don’t you like the way I’m rolling into these topics?  🙂  Anyway, Dreamweaver enticed me enough to try my hand at putting together a cover flat for Bittersweet.  Just for the fun of it, of course.  The results were pretty nice for a non-artistic type like me.  But do you get where I’m going with this?  :mrgreen:  I’m talking PRINT for Bittersweet!  Woohooooooooooooo!  Now don’t get your hopes up.  I’ve ordered the proof from CreateSpace, so it should be here in a few days.  Cross your fingers everything looks okay because I’d LOVE to release the Bittersweet in print and The Spider Inside Her in ebook around the same time.  It wasn’t planned, but it looks more like a possibility now. 

If I’m really adventurous, I might try to put out the print version of TSIH along with everything else.  But that might be pushing it.  It’ll depend upon my editor’s findings and if the damage can be controlled. 

Oh, and I sold my first copy of Bittersweet overseas.  😀 

How’s your week been going so far?


5 thoughts on “The Spider Inside Her and Bittersweet Updates

    • That’s why I’ve been avoiding it…until I grabbed a 6×9 templated from Lulu and copy-pasted my manuscript on it. Then, I went to a freebie pdf coversion site and it did the conversion for me. I created the cover using the template that I got from CreateSpace to make sure my margins were right. I uploaded everything, and within a few hours, they said my proof was ready. Now all I have to do is cross my fingers that my cheatsheet way worked and the proof looks great. If not, then back to more hair pulling. 🙂

      I’ll definitely keep you posted on the results.

      • Oh, yeah I must definitely get with you. We gotta have coffee now that I’m back in NC! I use Createspace to but used the cover creator for Darkness Rising. I like the cover, I thought it was striking, but I may want to go a little fancier for the next book. The template thing stumps me everytime, as does the software like Dreamweaver (I though that was for web design!). I gotta get some of that knowledge from you!

  1. My goodness girl! You are sure conquering the world one writing project at the time, or two, or three… oh, and on that getting none thing, don’t worry, I’m getting enough for both of us 😀

    This week has been a bit crazy for me too: Revising 3 short stories that are going for the last round of literary contest, revising my submissions for my semester’s final writing assignments (5 fictional short stories, 2 nonfiction, 3 chapters of a novel, 5 poems, and papers…), and of course there is Witches in Fiction. Did you know how much work blog parties are? Oh my freaking gods, and I’m just on day 3. Okay, so I’m enjoying the torture, but that’s beside the point…

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