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I try to update my website the first of every month.  Most of the time, the information in the News column has already been said on my blog or is something you I want to reiterate.  However, there’s something there that I haven’t reported until now.  That’s a first for me.  😉

So rather than keep you in suspense, here it is.  Seduction on the Prowl will be re-edited and re-released in Winter 2011 as Hazardous Environment.  I won’t go into the story behind this decision because that’s between my publisher and me.  Let’s just say it’s for the best.  For me, that is.  😉  I’m looking forward to diving into this book again and pulling out the guts, rearranging them, and shoving them back in place the right way.  The overall concept and plot will remain the same, but I’m sure it can be better.  Along with re-releasing Hazardous Environment, I’m also planning to release the third book in my Werecheetah Trilogy tentatively titled Dangerous Environment.  For a while I was wondering if I’d ever get back to writing paranormal romances again.  The answer is a wholehearted YES!

Do you know who LJ Charles is?  I hadn’t until Sarra Cannon posted on our HCRW loop that she had LJ Charles had her as a guest on her blog.  My eyes grew to half-dollar size when I saw her pic.  “I know this chick!” I screamed.  Heck, we must have spent two hours on the couch at Claudia Dain’s house (she hosted the Christmas party) talking about everything under the writing sun.  Sadly, we had lost track of each other shortly afterwards.  In the back of my mind, I always wondered how she was doing, but hadn’t had the time to play catch up.

But here’s where the story really gets weird.  A week prior, I had gone to our HCRW website because new member sites always pop up there.  I hadn’t heard of LJ before, so I checked out her website not knowing who she was (she doesn’t have a picture there) and loved the premise of her book.  I was hoping she’d come to the next meeting because I wanted to put a name to the face. 

Low and behold, LJ had gone the indie route and self-published Lifethread her first YA book in March, just like me.  I was floored and thrilled and crazed with excitement when I found out. Still am.  If you ever get the chance the meet LJ, she’s an amazingly easy person to talk to and is smarter than the so-called whip.  Chat her up, because you won’t be disappointed.  Oh, and I can say the same about her book.  I’ve already read the first three chapters and I’m enthralled.  😀


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