Bittersweet is Available in Ebook!

It’s available!  On Barnes & Noble and Smashwords anyway.  Amazon is on its way.  Bittersweet still shows as “Publishing” on my bookshelf.

I won’t say it didn’t come with some pain, though not as much as I thought.  Plus, I could’ve alleviated some of it by paying attention to things like Smashwords’ “nuclear option” and which address I was giving Barnes and Noble for my account, etc.  Calibre isn’t a bad tool to use for conversions and I was #1076 when I started the conversion on Smashwords.  It took about 12 hours for the conversion to finish, and boy was it beautiful to see all of the different formats line up in the green.  Talk about a surreal moment. 

So what’s next?   FREE books, of course!  🙂

I’m blogging in two places at once today: Magical Musings and Zoe Winters.  I’ll also be hitting up StellarCon this weekend to do my panelist duties, so anyone who gives me their address, I’ll send them a free copy of Bittersweet.  No, I won’t be adding it to any newsletter or selling them to some third-party advertising harlot.  I just need to know where to send the Smashwords coupon, since I don’t have any fancy swag to give out.  Yet.

Oh, and despite it taking me forever to get the formatting just right, it took me all of 22 minutes to decide that Bittersweet will go into PRINT!  Actually, it took one look at the fabulous new cover that the lovely Jax Cassidy designed to make the decision easy.  I can’t wait to sign a few copies at ConCarolinas in June.


2 thoughts on “Bittersweet is Available in Ebook!

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