Cannibalizing Novels and Taking Editors

I have a couple of things going on right now, most of it being around getting ready to release BITTERSWEET and my new website.  I was going to stick with my own cover design, but the fabulous Jax Cassidy said she can do something with it, so I let her have at it.  She’s a wonderful cover artist and really knows her stuff.  Plus, she’s a cool author too who has book releasing every month, it seems.  Keep up the awesome work, girlfriend.  🙂 

Another cool thing I’m working on is cannibalizing a story that never sold.  There are “experimetnal” reasons for that, which I’ll share when I finish this book.  The new book is something I hadn’t planned writing, but came about because I need to outline the second book  in my Bittersweet series.  I also needed to purge the first book from my system to make that happen.  So, I decided to try my hand at something else.  For fun, really.  Nothing serious.  Perhaps a short story or novella.  The creative side of my brain decided it wasn’t having that.  So,  DISAPPEARANCE HALL was born.  This will be a young adult novel, too, but it’ll take place during freshman year of college at the fictious Roman University.  College remains one of the most favorite times in my life, so it makes sense to write about it.  Now that I said all that, I hope I won’t lose interest in the story and decide to back-burner it indefinitely.  *sigh*  Cross your fingers that doesn’t happen because I’m having too much fun with it right now.  Three chapters done in the last 24-hours.  For me, that’s a record.  🙂

Other things: promo.  I’m learning more about GoodReads, since I’ve never utilized them for anything.  I’m also plugging into places like the Indie Book Collective to get some ideas on promotion.  The thing is I like buying ads too.  I’ve been looking around for ideas ad placements where I can garner some hits.  Oh, and since I’m toting my official release date as March 4th, I’ll be at StellarCon that weekend.  I’m thinking about giving away twenty free copies of Bittersweet as part of my launch party that weekend.  That means you have to be present at the con to get one.  But don’t worry.  I’ll be doing something similar via GoodReads and any guest blogs I snag.  😉

Other than that, I’m on the prowl for an editor.  One thing I’ve wanted to do since deciding to self-publish was to make it feel like a REAL business by hiring professionals to work on certain projects for me in areas where I suck.  Now this doesn’t mean I’ll do away with beta readers.  Heck no.  But it’s nice to have the backup when my readers can’t help.  Let’s face it, they’re writers too, and their main priority is toward their own stuff.  I totally respect that, which is why I want an editor. I’ve been on Kindle Boards and have picked up a few names, but if anyone knows of a good editor (content, copyedits, proofreading, etc.), then please share.

So that’s it for my round-up.  What have you been up to?


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